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jct_pp asked in PetsDogs · 9 years ago

how to stop dog marking in house?

i know regulars often remember old questions...so im the girl who wanted (and failed) to convince her boyfriend to castrate his dog

so... lucky me...i have to stop the dog from marking in the house. do i just apply the same principles as with housetraining - interrupt with a sharp "NO"? he was completely houstrained but now hes coming up to one year old and i guess the testosterone has kicked in big time and hes marking his territory

if i can;t manage to train him myself then he becomes an outside dog...and although the weather is warm here i dont want that to happen


and please...dont tell me he should be fixed, i know!! i want to but i cant as its not my dog =(


I have moved from england to mexico to be with this man so packing up and leaving isnt an option!!

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  • 9 years ago
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    Easy tell whoever dog it is to fix them. It really helps. But yes same concept as housebreaking

  • thoren
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    3 years ago

    eleven How do I preserve my puppies from "marking territory" within the residence? They aren't neutered, however have appointments in January on the grounds that I'm informed this may increasingly aid. I'm additionally informed they're going to quit combating. Is this right and what else can I do? Neutering intact male puppies will by and large cut down or quit urine marking conduct. However, whilst urine marking has been going down for a while it won't wholly quit. When puppies inside a loved ones combat, it's by and large approximately social regulations. While neutering does aid to slash combating, by and large reputable intervention via a veterinary behaviorist is had to solve the challenge.

  • 9 years ago

    Maybe you should just let him mark all over your boyfriend's stuff...it may get the point across that the dog should be fixed.

    Otherwise, I would use the principles as house training. Crate him when you are not watching him and if he does try and mark, correct him in the act.

  • Lizzie
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    9 years ago

    Tell your boyfriend you are moving out because you can't stand the urine marking of his unneutered male dog. Then pack up and leave. It is HIS problem to deal with.

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