Coordinates for Matterhorn in Vietnam?

What are the coordinates for Matterhorn in the Vietnam war book by the same name? I'd like to find it on Google maps using the lat-lon coordinates.


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    The book Matterhorn: a Novel of the Vietnam War by Karl Marlantes is a fictionalized account of Vietnam War events.

    From what I find online, historians believe the following were the actual sources for the fictionalized elements in the book:


    "It's probable that the fictional Bravo Company 1st Battalion, 24th Marine Regiment, 5th Marine Division of the novel was presumably Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 4 Marine Regiment, 3rd Marine Division. The engagement at ‘Matterhorn’ was probably the attack on “LZ Mack” {Hill 484}, and Hill 400 on March 1 through March 6 of 1969. With Lima Company 3rd Battalion 4th Marines in reserve {and its Battalion commander, Lt. Col Donald taking charge}. Two platoons from Charlie Company fought several times to reach and secure the summit taking 15 or more casualties with at least 7 killed in action; including a Canadian Marine CPL George Victor Jmaeff, acting as Platoon Sergeant who was posthumously awarded the Navy Cross.[6][7] The author, First Lieutenant Karl Marlantes, who was the Executive Officer of Charlie Company, was also awarded the Navy Cross.[8] Hills 484 and 400 had been occupied at a cost of 20 killed in action, and many wounded, by companies of the 3rd Battalion, 4th Marine Infantry in September–October 1966 and then abandoned."


    Footnotes from above cited Wikipedia article:

    6. "Virtual Wall". Virtual Wall. Retrieved 2010-10-29.


    8., "Navy Cross Citation". 2010-07-04. Retrieved 2010-10-29.

    Hills 400 and 484 were areas of battles fought south of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) during the Operation Prairie (Aug 3 - Oct 27, 1966) military operation in northern South Vietnam.


    Quote: "In October, 1966 3/4 [3rd Battalion 4th Marines] again saw action against the 324B NVA Division in Operation Prairie. Fighting for Hill 400 and Hill 484 and also called Mutter's Ridge in the Razor Back Mountains, a heavily fortified Nui Cay Tri ridge. It was very costly for both sides, losses were put at nearly 1400 NVA killed and Marine losses were 62 killed 148 wounded. Photojournalist Larry Burrows took a large collection of Time-Life photos during the operation. The most recognizable is a Pulitzer Prize winning photo, taken on Hill 400, showing a wounded Gunnery Sergeant being guided by a United States Navy Hospital Corpsman as he reaches out to a fellow wounded Marine waiting to be medevaced. Photo is called "Reaching Out" Shown in many special Life-Time Issues."



    Added: I have found this web page with links to good maps, with latitude-longitude for areas in Vietnam, with the names associated with them during the war years:

    Once on that web page, scroll down to the link to Rockpile/Mutters Ridge.


    If you need more help with lat-lon coordinates for the area, I recommend you go to your local public library. Ask a reference librarian to help you find a map with the coordinates. The public library probably has some good historic information in those "old-fashioned" things called printed books (p-books.) :-) I'm not at my library now, so I can't look up any book info for you.

    If nothing can be found in the collections of your local library, ask the librarian to help identify some Vietnam War discussion online forums. Perhaps someone knowledgeable about history of the war in an online forum can advise you.

    I hope what I have found for you proves helpful.

    Librarians--Ask Us, We Answer!

    Find your local Public Library at:

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    Best wishes

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    Matterhorn Vietnam

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