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Judgement Day May 21st 2011?

I have heard rumors going around that judgement day is May 21st 2011. This guy said that there will be a major earthquake on saturday around 6pm bigger than the one that recently happend in Japan. So is this really judgement day/ End of the world please give help me..


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    The man behind the May 21 and October 21, 2011 prophecies, Harold Camping has already been incorrect once and, therefore, is a false prophet. If he had lived in Old Testament times, he would have been stoned to death for making an incorrect prophecy. No responsible Christian leader supports his "new prophecy"

    + The End of the World +

    "But of that day or hour, no one knows, neither the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. Be watchful! Be alert! You do not know when the time will come." (Mark 13:32-33)

    Jesus told us in no uncertain terms that we were not to know when the end of the world would come but that we were always to be ready.

    Each new Christian denomination seems to worry about the end of the world a bit too much. Then after a couple of centuries, they realize that there are always wars and rumors of wars, etc.

    I won't even mention the hundreds of false predictions of the end of the world over the centuries, all of which were based on individual interpretations of biblical prophecies.

    The first century Christian Church thought that Jesus was going to return at any moment. Only after a couple of centuries did the Church realize that it may be 2,000 or 4,000 or 8,000 years before Jesus returns.

    The Catholic Church wisely follows Jesus' advice and teaches that each of us should live as if we will meet our maker in the next ten minutes and that we need to work to make the world a better place for our 100 X great-grandchildren.

    Do not worry about the end of the world. Trust God to make sure everything happens to plan. Just be ready to meet God at any time.

    For more information, about what Catholics believe about the end of the world, see:

    With love in Christ.

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    Harold Camping predicted that the church age was ended on May 21st 1988, That all people should flee there churches because it has been handed over to the devil! why would Camping start attacking the church? Hmm... lets see. did you know That years ago Camping used to be a teacher of the church at Alameda CRC. During Bible study he argued that it would be possible to calculate the end of the world. One of his students challenged him with the phrase" He shall come like a thief in the night" That know man could know! This statement has made him mad...even till this day! Camping started teaching of this in his bible study. then on MAY 21ST 1988! He was expelled for his false teachings and removed from the church! Since then 40% of his church followed him claiming the church was wrong in doing so! So is Camping getting back at the church? Getting people to flee the church saying the end has come? revenge is a big sin! He knows what he is doing! He is decieving all these people because he has the money to do so! The church age ended because he was fired! I DONT THINK SO!!!! I feel bad for those people who believe him! And i pray for them!


    Please google "harold camping kicked out of Alameda CRC"

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    Rapture...supposedly, not judgement. That evidently is supposed to happen in October of 2011. But Harold Camping has made these predictions before. If he really believed his own predictions, he wouldn't still be taking donations on his website.

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    The guy who predicted this also predicted the world would end in October 1994 and that didn't happen. Personally, I do not believe there will be a judgment day, but if you believe in that stuff the Bible says no man will know when it will happen.

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    Harold Camping is ignoring the actual scripture and making up everything while playing an irrelevant math game.

    The bible clearly says people like him are heretics and false prophets.

    By claiming he knows the end, he's committing the same act Satan committed that got him booted out of heaven. (putting himself on the same level as God and above Gods law)

    I'm an atheist and even I know that.

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    False prophets many people claim the world is ending at different times you should find out their reasons for saying that first before you just believe it.

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    Hey, as long as the season finale of Castle and The Big Bang Theory are before that...ok...just squeaked in though. Just kidding...I am pretty sure there will be a May 22nd....ok...not pretty sure...absolutely sure.

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    not entirely sure but you would wanna pray and read the bible when you have free time. If it doesn't happen, you can join the other pissed off ppl in nuking that old man's house for scaring th living **** out of our country

    Source(s): same as before, my milk expires may 22.
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    One word, Bullshit!!!! Even religious leaders are uncertain as to when the world will end let alone some nincompoop who told you so.

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    Yeah, that's what this lunatic said, but what Jesus Christ said is that NO-ONE would know the time in advance.

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