What would be the value of the drudge report?

I saw NY times story about how good the drudge report was at sending readers to websites. Just wondering how wealth is matt drudge.

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  • 10 years ago
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    Before Drudge got to be a news story in himself, his site was a great place to go to find opinions of all kinds, to follow all the great columnists of today, on both sides, actually -all- sides. This was a long time ago, eons in Internet time. When Yahoo was just a list of URLs being kept on a computer in the dorm room of a student at Stanford. Before Google, and even before it's predecessor, Alta Vista. It was not so easy to find stuff on the web in those days.

    Today it's not really like that. If you want to find a columnist you just type [name].com. 8^) Or you can Google to see more stuff than you wanted to find in the first place. Drudge still has a long list of columnists and commentators, still on all sides of the issue, but I don't think hardly anyone uses his site for that anymore. Now it's just a collection of 'web finds', like Boing Boing.

    Drudge was a commentator on Fox News for a while--a very short while. He kind of made a fool of himself (and them) so they dropped him like a hot potato. I'm guessing these days he makes a comfortable living but not millions of dollars a year.

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