Why not to try/do drugs?

My friend wants to try it and i dont think its a good idea! im not one with words though!

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  • Dodgey
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    9 years ago
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    Life is full of substances that affect us.

    Lots of people like to drink coffee, caffeine, alcohol, or smoke cigarettes, and each of these is a drug (so pretty much everyone you know is a "drug user" - now, have all those people you know "ruined their lives"? Probably not, so don't buy all of the hype, there are serious risks, but the DARE mentality people aren't giving you all the facts). People don't take these drugs to feel exactly the same as before they took the drugs, they take them to get an effect (to calm-down, wake-up, etc.). There has never been a drug free society on this planet and there probably never will be. Some drugs are mild, some not so mild. I've seen people throw up after their first cigarette.

    There used to be a Constitutional Amendment that made alcohol illegal. After it was realized that people were still using alcohol and all prohibition did was to imprison otherwise law-abiding citizens, strain and distract law enforcement from tracking down real criminals and enrich organized-crime gangs, it was realized that prohibition did far more damage to our society than alcohol ever did and Prohibition was finally repealed. in 10 years, I expect significant change in the substances we currently prohibit (e.g., Marijuana will probably be as legal as alcohol in a few years for exactly the same reasons).

    In any event, don't let anyone talk you into taking anything you don't want to. It's your body and your choice. Make sure your friends know how you feel, yet let them make their choices, and be there to help if you see a significant risk developing. It's a personal choice no matter what the laws are, and you'll have to live with the choices you make.

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  • 9 years ago

    Definitely Bad For Your Health And Very Addictive. Even Prescription Meds Prescribed To You Can Be Very Addictive. They Are Also Very Costly And Once You're Hooked You'll Do Almost Anything To Try And Get Them. I Was In A Foster Home When I Was Ten Years Old Because My Mom Never Came Back Home To Me And My Siblings When She Was On Drugs. They Definitely Ruin Lives And Of Course Are A Waste Of Time & Definitely Not Worth It Seeing It's Illegal.

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  • 9 years ago

    Because they are bad for you health and illegal, and if they were a good friend, they wouldn't want you to do somthing that is bad for you and illegal.

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