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Any Advice on Lanzarote?

Looking to move to Lanzarote early next year, and will be looking for the best accommodation deals, and jobs. Any advice on how much I'll need to save up first, to start off, before finding a job, or any companies that I should visit to find out about things.

Any advice would be appreciated, thank you.


Hi. This is to the person who answered the question. Can we talk personally about things in Lanzarote as your work would really be appreciated. Thank you. If you can email me please do at theiconmurphy@gmail.com Would love to talk with you about things.

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    I have a house for sale in Lanzarote so if you're interested lol. Anyway, when renting an apartment or house in Lanzarote you need one months deposit and one months rent up front. In the majority of cases you will pay bills separately. You pay for water and electricity. Our house is currently rented (we live in Tenerife now) and it is four bedroom and we charge 650 euros a month. This is quite cheap though and a two bed apartment in one of the resorts (Puerto del Carmen or Costa Teguise) will cost about 500 euros per month. Electricity bills are monthly and for our house it's about 80 euros a month. THe water bills are every three months and are about 80 euros too so not extortionate really. I would say make sure you take about six months worth of rent because unemployment is at 30% just now, 1 in 3 is out of work so it's quite tough. Lanzarote is also the most expensive of the Canaries. For an example, petrol here in Tenerife is 99.6 and in Lanzarote it's 110 so quite a difference. I would say try and rent direct from the owner rather than an agency as they charge a finders fee and 10% comission to the owner so rent is usually 10% higher than if you go direct with the owner. The good news is there are plenty of apartments for rent as so many people are leaving. The only readily available work just now is in telesales where you get paid comission only so it is tough. If I were you I'd plan to go for a month only and if you can't get work in that time then I'd go back home, don't burn all your bridges yet. Good luck though and hope you get something sorted. If i can be of any more help, add more details to your question and I'll try and answer them for you. We lived in Lanzarote for five years but moved back to Tenerife cause it was just too expensive, been in the Canaries for 15 years now.

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  • Sandra
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    4 years ago

    Gran Canaria would be much better as it is more humid and it is quieter And you can never tell about the wind as it is always changing x

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