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who dies on glee in funeral episode?

everybody is wondering but they also say it is a female but not a lead who dies. a lot of people are saying that it is jean, sues sister with down syndrome. i really hope it is not her because she is such a sweet character. i think if it is a male, there is a possibility it could be sean, the boy finn met at football camp who is paralyzed from the chest down. or it could be mr. brian ryan from the episode dream on. help!!!!!

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    Yes it is Sue's sister Jean :(

    I agree she is so nice, if anyone should die on the show it is sue.

    You can see the show on this site:

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    Glee Episode Summaries

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    I think its very possible that it is Jean, because you can see that coming and they have said it is a beloved character. But, she not one of McKinleys own so i dont know about that. Could also be Coach Beiste since she has been missing from a few epsiodes but i read somewhere that it wont be her. I also think it is very possible that it is Becky, shes female, beloved, not a lead and one of McKinleys own. I think it would be extremely interesting if it was Sean, because it could be a reason to bring Finn and Rachel closer and it would be nice to see him back on the show. Its none of the New Directions kids, its not April Rhodes. But apparently this episode isnt just about death, there will be lots of crying for other things. Also, im convinced that Fuinn will break up! =)

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    We know it's not any of the Glee girls, we've been told and if you look at the paparazzi pics from NYC they're all there. We know it's not April because we saw paparazzi footage of his scene where Will goes to the theatre where April's show is being preformed.

    My bet? Becky Jackson. Two reasons: 1) the glee kids are supposed to be upset about this. If it were Jean, as many speculate, it would affect them very little. And 2) If you go into IMDB and look up the episode there is a character who's name is Donna Jackson played by Kari Coleman listed.

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    Personally, I think it might be Quinn and Puck's daughter, Beth. I remember reading somewhere that a glee club member deals with an unexpected loss, which is why I think it might be her. Lots of people say Jean, but Sue isn't in the glee club. I know Quinn and Puck being parents has been written out of the storyline, but you never know. Or maybe Rachel's mom, or one of her dads. You don't know until the episode airs. It could be anyone.

  • It's Sue's sister. I just watched a video clip and in the middle of the glee club singing "Pure Imagination" from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, it shows Sue's sister playing in a yard with pom poms with a home video look to it. I cried.Jean was so cute :(

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    Jean Dies

    Source(s): The Show GLee
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    Sues sister with downs syndrome

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    It may be April or Becky, but it isn't someone on the New Directions. It's a "beloved female character" who isn't Emma or Coach Beiste. I don't think it's Jean because she isn't in this episode.

    If you look at this website, it will tell you a lot more about the episode. It is said in the comments several times that April will die in a drunken car crash.

    Source(s): (This will answer a lot of your questions)
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    One of the episode summaries made it clear that it would be a glee member (not Sue) who loses someone, and they also said it was a girl. I saw a preview of Quinn crying so my guess it will be her baby, but I also saw a picture of Rachael crying so maybe her mom died leaving Quinn forced to take back her baby (and that's why she was crying the the preview) So my guess is either the baby or Rachaels mom.

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