Seeking out Great Ornithologists still living.?

I am seeking a degree in Natural resources: wildlife conservation. I have an internship this summer with the US Forest Service as a wildlife tech. Currently my idol is Jane Goodall, however she studies chimps and has spent much of her time in Africa. I am searching for a living Ornithologist I can study that has spent their time in the US. Preferably someone who has written books, as I would like to read about these people. Any help?

Serious answers only please.


Let's not focus on my degree. I understand that the one Ive chosen isn't automatically going to land me a job. I'm just looking for some reading material and people to study in my personal time.

Who are some current ornithologists that have made real strides in our life time?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Courtney Conway, Bruce Peterjohn

    You could also add Clait Braun and Roger Tory Peterson. There really haven't been standouts on the same level as ol' Audubon for quite some time. On an ornithologically unrelated side note (made up words ftw), E.O. Wilson. He's still kicking.

    Source(s): Kevangelo is right in some regard, i.e. a degree isn't some magical badge that lands you a job with the click of your heels. However, that fact also isn't something that can ever be used to generalize individuals within a field, or a field itself. Sorry about the whole guilt clarification thing^. Emotions aren't logical, including guilt.
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    9 years ago

    Well, Bill Clinton happens to have a great program for interns. Your degree will get you nowhere, riding Bill's sausage might be a good career move

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