where can i find a countryside area with a forest you can walk through, a pond, and fields in America?

thats my dream place to live... :D know of anywhere like that? preferably in the midwest, like idaho, montana, north dakota, etc... somewhere inland but not too far south.

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  • 10 years ago
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    You might like Western Montana or Northern Idaho. Those places have many mountainous and forested areas. Missoula, Montana is a small metro area, but in a mountainous and forested area. North Dakota tend to be more flat prairie, although the area around Rapid City, South Dakota might appeal to you (think Yellowstone National Park, but the mountains are not as high). I don't know what opportunities you would have to check out particular locations, but you might read about them and also look at any downside. Winters in those places can be brutal, but we humans are adaptable.

    Farther east and south, but perhaps not too far south, you like look at places around Asheville, NC. Very beautiful, mountainous, and sunny, and winters are mild. The upside, it is is closer to the East Coast if you are flying in from east of the USA. If you are flying in from west of the USA, like Australia or New Zealand, Places in California or Colorado might be easier to reach.

    Other spots many don't think about are the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Very beautiful, forested, but not many jobs. Winters are very cold, but it is beautiful in its ruggedness. Also, look at the area around Lexington, Kentucky. It is a little south, but Lexington has horse farms, forests, and it is a university town so it is more progressive than the rest of Kentucky. There may be more jobs there than some of the other places, and you truly are central to most of the Eastern USA.

    I hope that isn't too much information at this point. The truth is there are many places in America as you describe, but you do have to learn about the geography of particular areas. One thing about living in America, especially the more rural areas, is the pay scales tend to be lower than in the bigger metro areas. But then you don't have the big city stressors, either so it is a trade off. Another thing people from outside the USA discover that we don't often think to mention--because we are used to it--there can be vast distances between locations. Being able to drive a car is almost a requirement in most places in the USA. That surprises people who come from places like Europe where train systems are everywhere. I wouldn't let that deter you, however. Anyway, best of luck in your search.

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    Sorry, I've never been in the south so I wouldn't really know what would match your description. Probably any place in the "Heartland" would work, though. I do know that there are some excellent places that match your description in New York (the State) if you don't mind snow, longer winters, "Spring" (Mud Season), and below zero weather in the Winter.

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    There are hundreds of state and national parks that will fit your requirements.

    Look at a guide to parks and then visit some before moving there.

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