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Tips for me balacing out web development, programing, school, and a social life?

Im learning C++, some stuff about 3D animation(Blender 3D), Graphic Design, and developing a website. I am also in school and I have about 3 hours of homework every night, I also like going out on the weekends. And my current schedule is simply not working. I find my self staying up till 4 in the morning to get everything I need done, done. I am extreamly tired during the day, and the only way I can get through the day is caffeine and energy drinks. This would be fine and dandy but, its starting to take its toll on my health. I have terrible bags, and get sick quite a bit, which decreses my productivity quite a bit, and means I have to work twice as hard to make up school work. Anyone have some tips to help be balance out my schedule while pursuing my interests?

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    Whenever you get tired take a nap for an hour and set your alarm so it will go off when the hour has passed. On the other hand you might need to drop the partying or just stay out for two hours instead of the whole night, It also helps if you take a day specifically for studying and homework. Or you might need to cut the time that you are trying to learn programming in half, or both.

    I prefer the one hour method. Do homework for one hour, do programming for one hour, Study for one hour, ect. Hope this helps!

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    It would help if you were specific about what you want to program in. Tip. It's better to be an expert at one thing, than know a little about everything, mind you, you need to know the basics of HTML, CSS, Design and to a lesser extent, JavaScript too. If you are just starting out and have a few dollars. Essentials are Dreamweaver and Photoshop

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