Would it be possible for me to get into NYU (I REALLY need your opinions)?

This might be lengthy, but I'm in serious need of some insight.

I'm 15, but I'm graduating this June. On the surface, that sounds sort of impressive, but I have a few problems.

I'm graduating two years in advance for a couple of reasons— the first being that I live in a crazy abusive household, and the second being that I feel as though I'm "done" with with high school. I currently attend a small "progressive" private school where they've made it very easy for me to gain class credits through exams at UT Austin. I've gotten A's (and a few B's) on my credit exams, but my grades in the classes I'm actually enrolled in at my school are not exactly outstanding, and by "not exactly outstanding," I mean that they really are quite far from being good. I've been incredibly depressed throughout these last two years due to my living arrangements (living in the aforementioned "crazy abusive household"), so I've been having a difficult time staying motivated with my classwork. There isn't much I can do at this point besides testing for credit in those classes as well (which would cost me around $400) unless I manage to work out something with my teachers (e.g. receive whichever grade I receive on my finals as my final grade [which some teachers do for all students]). The point is that my transcript is going to look very strange. I have zero issues with absorbing information/understanding class material, but as I said, I've been having trouble bringing myself to finish much homework. I received a 2200 last time I took the SAT, which seems like a fairly good score, but is also inconsistent with my grades in my current classes and might not even account for much.

As far as extracurriculars go, I'm also in a strange place. My school offers no non-athletic extracurricular activities besides NHS, which I was not eligible for this year since I had only completed two semesters of high school when it was application time. We have "clubs" during the actual school day, but those really dissipated within the first few months of this year. I also live 45 minutes from the city and parents actively refuse to drive me anywhere (no buses in my part of town, either), so activities not involving my school aren't really an option. However, I was the president of my school's short-lived Science Olympiad team, I'm a dedicated jazz vocalist (I perform both with the school's jazz ensemble and as a soloist), I belly dance (I used to train at a studio on a regular basis), I do some serious creative writing, I've worked on a variety of photography & film projects, I've done a bit of volunteering teaching ESL at an immigrant & refugee center, and I occasionally tutor students at my school in Spanish (since it's my native language). I'm also going on exchange to Taiwan (although it'll really be a gap year) this upcoming school year and am planning on working on a full-length documentary while I'm there.

Oh, and I speak five languages (Spanish, English, French, Japanese, Portuguese) and am currently teaching myself Mandarin (since I'll be in Taiwan soon), which isn't an extracurricular but may be worth mentioning.

I think I'm capable of writing a kickass essay, but I'm still concerned about how my transcript is going to look. I'm definitely not a cookie-cutter, 4.0. GPA, class president sort of deal, but I'm very motivated when emotionally stable and I think I have a lot to offer.

Anyhow, I'm sorry if this novel isn't entirely coherent and/or well-written, but I'm more than a little sleep deprived at the moment.

Thanks in advance. :)


I forgot to add this...

I don't know if it makes a difference, but I'm planning on applying early decision and am interested in Tisch or Gallatin.

I'm also sorry if any of this sounded like I'm full of myself— I'm not, but I do need to sell myself to colleges, ahahah.

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    Looks like your "progressive/liberal" High School has short-changed you by passing you along without challenge.

    Even though you have done well on the SAT, your "real" (ie earned) GPA is a better predictor of long-term college performance. So, there is a very high chance you may get into some college over your head, then fail completely.

    Be also careful about your School and Major. By mentioning Tisch, it appears you are headed for getting a worthless degree and spending your post-graduation life as a parasite.

    Choose an adult and productive Major, such as Engineering or Economics.

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    4 years ago

    New York University isn't too difficult of a university to get into - good comparably to many different dream colleges a few youngsters have. Here is a few base knowledge for starters... (Last Years Information) forty,910 Applied thirteen,208 Accepted Of the ones accredited... 31% had a three.7 and bigger GPA. 37% had a three.five - three.sixty nine GPA. 19% had a three.25 - three.forty nine GPA. %eleven had a - three.24 GPA. %two had a and cut down GPA. I can inform you first hand, that it isn't that difficult to get a three.25 and bigger in top university - you fairly do not have got to check out that difficult. But you sound prompted - so that you must check out your toughest in university and I might be comfortable with a three.five or above GPA. (Also preserve in brain that those GPA's aren't weighed.) Your extracurricular's sound exquisite additionally. You have a satisfactory risk, and preserve it up. Its primary to look what essential you might be all for pursuing at NYU. Different undergraduate methods are tougher than others to get into. Good good fortune and comfortable new 12 months!

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