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VERY IMPORTANT: When Purchased a game from Steam, Steam save my game? READ DERSCRIPTION!!?

0kay,I want to purchase a game on Steam. Like CSS or TF2. (I love Steam games). So if I purchased any games on steam,will it save? I mean if I get a new computer,and my steam has gone,will my game gone forever or it will be installed when I install steam???


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    The games you purchase on steam will be linked to your account. Meaning, if you have another computer you want to use, just log into your account and the games should be ready to download.

    NOW, that being said, Steam is so awesome they have a folder called "steamapps" (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps)

    just copy that over to an external hard drive, and paste it under the same directory on the new computer- no installing, all save files there, no hassle, except that your steamapps folder can get quite large (mine is 100gb at the moment)

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