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Mouse question!!!!!!!!!?

so i was just wondering, how do pet mice act when they're kept alone vs. being kept with 1 or 2 more. and would a female mouse differ in the way she acts toward another female mouse then a male one?

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  • Sam
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    One mouse = lonely, bored and depressed mouse.

    Two (or more) mice = happy, friendly comfortable mice.

    I have two female mice and they are great friends. Mice are highly social animals, and will even risk their own life for another mouse. They become lifelong friends, and follow each other around the cage and in their free range time (not open free range, in a huge mouse playpen made from huge cardboard boxes). It is a myth that male mice cannot live together. Two male mice from the same litter kept in a large cage can become great friends, just like females. Females are better for beginners though; as they are almost certainly going to get on and actually smell less than males.

  • Me
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    No, Nickole, male mice do get along with each other just fine. I have 3 that all live together harmoneously.

    To answer your question though, a mouse that is kept on it's own will likely become aggressive, unsocialized, and depressed. A mouse that lives with at least one other mouse will be easier to tame, happier, and friendlier.

    Female/female pairs are easiest to bond, and a female/male pair will turn into a large group within a months time! Always keep your mice in same sex pairs.

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    female+female= Good they wont fight(most likely)

    Male+female = Bad if not token care of properly they will breed and they have a litter of 12-16 for the first time

    male+male= bad they will fight

    i made this how i would like to read it XO :]

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    I had all females but they would fight the new comers, You are supposed to gradually introduce them. One mouse is a lonely mouse.

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