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Tipping to an online English tutor?

I take an online English lesson via Skype. I like my English tutor because she does a good job and I’m wondering if I should give her a tip. Does she expect me to give her tip? If I should do so, how much should I give her? Someone please let me know how it works in the US about tipping since we have no custom of tipping in my country. Thank you.

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    While tipping is generally acceptable in our society, it's not expected in any capacity other than day-jobs like a taxi-driver, waiter, etc. It sounds like this is simply done out of the kindness of your tutor's heart. I would straight-up ask her if you could give her a tip (if you really want to- most good-hearted people don't expect one), and if she says yes, then give her something relevant to how long you've been tutored by her. If it's been a month or two, maybe twenty or thirty dollars- that's not necessarily a set amount, but if you're being tutored once or twice (or multiple times) a week, that's probably a safe number. If it's been longer or more often than that, you might consider slightly more, dependent upon the frequency.

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    should be easy I understand the students in China study english as much as they can how well do you speak Chinese? what is your education level? any training as a teacher?

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