What are some reasons why Americans think they won the War of 1812?

Why do Americans think they won the War of 1812? I know I have been always taught it was a tie but how? The British/Canadians inflicted greater losses to the US and gained 10 000 000 acres of land which was later returned. The British also managed not to lose this war because they were also fighting the Napoleonic Wars. The US also failed to capture Canada. I don't seem to understand why some Americans think they won the war.


Nearly the entire British Royal Navy was occupied at the time with the Napoleonic Wars. It is true the Americans did win most of the single ship engagements though. But if the British were trying to take back the 13 colonies then they should have kept going if they wanted to. They should have never signed the Treaty of Ghent then. Once the Napoleonic Wars were over Britain can divert almost all of its forces to Canada.

Update 2:

If the war kept on going and Britain sent more troops and ships, I think they would have won.

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    Well I know for a fact that the british didn't win the war. In the beginning we were losing left to right and canada was a complete disaster. Also the brits were able to capture and destroy the capital.

    The reason why we won was because during the last years of the war we started inflicting major losses to the brit army. Andrew jackson destroyed a much larger army with his smaller militia army a couple of months after the war because the word didn't get to them. So a peace treaty was signed. Also if brit had won we would have been british.

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    because all the major land winning that Britain did was in the beginning. In the last year the American forces were the ones who were taking back land and the British were of defense. If the war had continued the Americans would have won, and the Battle of New Orleans is the prof in that theory. The American forces led by Andrew Jackson won by such a force, and most Americans believe that even though the treaty was signed, that was technically the last battle and we won. Thereby under the winner takes all system of America, we won the War of 1812.

    Source(s): APUSH( Advance Placement United States History)
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    Because you have to look at the reasons the war was fought and which side achieved its goals in the war.

    The war was mainly fought because Britain was treating the US like it was still a colony.

    They were harassing the US merchant fleet, they were forcing americans into the british navy, etc

    2. So while the British actually won more land battles, the war wasn't about land, and the US won more sea battles.

    3. But Britain when agreeing to peace, also agreed to stop treating the US as a colony

    They really had no choice, since the US Navy showed it could beat the British navy.

    Much to the surprise of Britain.

    4. IE: the war was over political objectives, the US gained all of their political objectives, Britain gained none of theirs.

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    We won because we did not loose. Britan tried to take over the New America again, but they held out for a long time. It was about land, not power. Britan tried to regain thier old 13 colonies. And to the guy who said we lost in Vietnam. WRONG! The world says we lost in Vietnam becuase what we were there for was eaten alive by the North. We got out of there because our Soldiers morale was super low, and we had too many casualites. If you want to know who rewally lost that war, get it right and say South vietnam because the United States lost twenty percent of thier Armed forces, while the north Vietnam lost sixty percent and the South barley had soldiers.

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    The British stopped impressing US sailors into the Royal Navy.

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    Because we, the smaller, younger, weaker nation of the time, did not get swallowed by the big empire of Great Britain. Great Britain owned about every other piece of valuable property at the time. Thats why they were an empire.

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    Because were a world power now and obviously if they had won we wouldnt exist.

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    The same reasons why they think they won WW2, and don't admit they lost in Vietnam; stupidity, ignorance, arrogance.

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