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Did Amanda Knox win her appeal?

I watched the Lifetime movie on the Amanda Knox case today for the first time and I missed what it said about her appeal at the end... Did she win and get released or is it still an on going thing? I couldnt find much info online about if she had actually won or not.

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  • 9 years ago
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    No. Her appeal is ongoing. The prosecution's star witness, a heroin addicted homeless man named Antonio Curatolio, made a fool of himself on the stand, confusing when he saw Amanda and Raffaele together and admitting that he was using heroin at the time he saw them. Also, the appeals judge has brought in two outside DNA experts to review the only pieces of evidence that put Amanda and Raffaele at the crime scene, the knife and the bra clasp. These scientist have rejected the DNA evidence of both. Now these scientists have requested another 40 days to review the techniques of the original lab handling the DNA testing. Since Italian courts take two months off in the summer, this appeals trail may not be resolved until the fall. Everything so far is falling Amanda's way and she should clearly be released at some point.

    Source(s): and other major news sites.
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  • Erika
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    3 years ago

    and the evidence for the defence additionally looks no longer that convincing. you comprehend individuals trial by potential of media is something society has did no longer adapt out of unhappy particularly. ok bunnies the unique evidence grow to be her dna on the blade tip, and now yet greater professionals say its no longer um 0.5 a dozen and one in all the different. look to undergo in ideas something in regulation think of its Scottish regulation, the place the call might desire to be "no longer shown" and this looks aposite for this reason. the two there's a definative answer to the dna or there's no longer. intestine feeling given we've been bombarded by potential of this concern in the media, is not any. conclusive evidence one way or different. so me thinks the call will stand.

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