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School Question!! Law Enforcement!!! What questions should be asked to an applicant for a Police position?

I need to ensure the applicant isnt prejudiced or have any bigoted or biased theories>

I think a good question is have they ever been a victim of a crime> If so what ethnic group committed the crime, this doesnt prove anything only that if the person was holding a grudge against an ethical group> maybe, Im unsure about this one

Another question, do you have any issues with working with a partner, who would be your ideal partner> Im trying to eliminate if they have any racial prejudices, I just dont know how to word it


Your Thought....much appreciated

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    9 years ago
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    These sample questions may help you craft something.~

    23. In which Supreme Court case did the Court strike down a city ordinance that prevented the bias-motivated display of symbols or objects?

    A. R.A.V. v. City of St. Paul *

    B. Wisconsin v. Mitchell

    C. Miranda v. Arizona

    D. Capitol Square Review Advisory Board v. Pinnate

    24. The "dark figure" of crime refers to:

    A. the number of crimes committed between 7 p.m. and 6 a.m.

    B. unreported offenses. *

    C. the number of arrests made for index offenses.

    D. the number of offenses law enforcement was unable to solve.

    25 . Clearances by "exceptional means" describes:

    A. heroic efforts made by law enforcement officers to clear a case.

    B. the arrests made in a high profile case.

    C. situations where law enforcement officials manipulate crime statistics to clear a case.

    D. situations where law enforcement authorities believe they know the perpetrator of a crime, but cannot make an arrest. *

    26. Which of the following offenses is NOT included in National Crime Victimization Statistics?

    A. burglary

    B. murder *

    C. forcible rape

    D. robbery

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