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Is Stoughton, MA a nice area to live in? We may be moving to MA soon, can anyone tell me good/bad areas?

Thank you for any help!

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    Stoughton as well as the dozen 'towns' around Stoughton are no longer 'towns', they are sURBANan communities. They are mini-cities with mini-city lifestyles and mini-city problems. There is people and traffic wherever you go or live in these suburbs. Also, as ethnic diversity has moved in, there are still rednecks living in the suburbs incl.. stoughton

    i actually prefer Mansfield over a Stoughton or Easton or Canton , but on a good day could recommend stoughton. The railroad train commute to boston is terrific in stoughton.

    latest stoughton news which says something about stouhgton:, stoughton officials just stopped a tattoo place from opening up in stoughton so clearly there is some smart people running the town of stoughton.

    avoid the city of brockton, avoid the suburb of easton. which is becoming a mini-brockton

    summary: stoughton is not a bad choice but dont expect you are going to want to live there forever

    by the way, massachusetts is the best state in the country.

    Source(s): i grew up and lived decades in the Easton/Stoughton area.
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    It depends what you mean by "good" and "bad."

    If by "good" you mean safe, quiet, good schools, and ample parking, then yes. Also try Sharon, Canton, Westwood, Natick, or Wellesley.

    If by "good" you mean affordable, close to the city, has lots of culture/history/nightlife, has extensive public transportation, and is ideal for someone who doesn't drive or doesn't want to own a car, then no. Try Quincy or Jamaica Plain instead. Those places have good public transportation, lots of stuff to do, afforable housing, and they are also safe areas. However, they don't have great public schools and are very busy/trafficy. So if you're looking for a quiet suburban town to raise kids, I recommend Stoughton or one of the other towns above.

    Another great place to live is Cambridge- it has great public schools, excellent public transportation AND tons of fun and educational stuff to do! However, it can be quite expensive and it's anything but quiet.

    I hope this helped.

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    bad cities near Stoughton which is a good town,

    bad cities Brockton, Fall River, new Bedford,,,,,Roxbury

    Nice town , Canton ,westwood, Qunicy, brantree

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    NO, it's a gross place to live, there is no nice areas.

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    Extremely good question, hopefully we get some good opinions

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