How do I switch from public to home access on my mom's laptop?

So, yeah, that's basically it. I apparently somehow switched our Internet on my mom's laptop from home to public, now it won't let us on the Internet and it won't let us switch it back, and I have to finish a project and email it to a teacher tonight. Please help!

Also, before you ask, no I am not it right now; I'm on my iPod. And no, I cannot do the project on my iPod.


And she's like.... really po'd at me now. So... Yeah, I really need help. T_T

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    10 years ago
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    Control panel - network and sharing center. Under view active networks there is a hyperlink called Public Network. Click on it and when the Set Network Location pops up, click on Home Network. If you want to share information to other computers, set a password (DONT leave the random one that Windows creates!)

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