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BIG companies getting hard to avoid?

We're having trouble avoiding using their products. I hate them for the most part. One of my dogs is diabetic and has been on EVO for a long time. She is very old at 17 so she also has some IBS issues. When we found out about P&G last year we gradually switched to prey model. Our vet did not recommend this switch and thought it would present some GI issues. We have a vet/nutritionist at our local independent pet store and she was against the raw diet due to our dogs age. They were correct and she was not very tolerant of the (very slow) switch. She requires VERY low carbs and very high digestibility. We went back to feeding EVO because our holistic vet told us to. We use EVO weight control. It has a protein of 52% and carbs of just under 9%. After a year of searching we haven't found anything our vet thinks would fit for her. The nutritionist thinks we should stick with EVO as well. She doesn't know a food with a carb % below 12 other than wysong epigen. We tried it and she got ear infections from it. We later noticed it has corn protein in it and she isn't very tolerant of that or soy. Orijen has way too many carbs, Wellness Core and even Solid Gold barking at the moon. I hate to continue using Natura products since the P&G thing last year but I don't know if I have a choice. Some pet owners try to make me feel like crap and say we should continue feeding raw but I'm not going to give my very old dog the vomits and poops for another 2 months like before. Other people say that if she does ok on the food then don't quit using it. And even fewer still say they still use EVO. We have fought this for a year now and I see now way out. Any ideas? We hate that Natura is owned by a company know to animal test products.

P.S. I tried not using products on myself that weren't made (or in some way owned) by Coke, Pepsi, General Mills, Colgate/Palmolive, Unilever, Nestle, Monsanto, Kraft, ConAgra, Tyson, Heinz, Kellogg and so on (all of the above companies have used some form of invasive animal testing in the last 15 years). Even products that are marketed with natural branding that invokes a vibe of independence, it's likely that brand has been snatched up by one of these powerful food giants. I could name parent owned companies that you might think are safe but this would take longer than I want to spend. We use the farmers market and tail gates as much as possible. Should I just ease up on myself over the dog food just a bit? My wife sure thinks so (and finds it nearly unavoidable to purchase foods in our area that aren't owned by some company know for animal testing in the past).

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    I think at some point you have to hold your principles (to not use products that were tested on animals) and your dogs life as separate entities.

    Your dog has special dietary needs. It should not matter who or how the food is made. What should matter is... does it work, does it suit her needs. Is the food palatable and easy to digest.

    However i also understand that you probably account her longevity to her diet.

    So its an interesting predicament you find yourself in. If you ask me, I would do whatever if takes to feed my dog something that doesn't make her sick, and you know what, if that means I'm feeding my dog the world's worst dog food, but she's happy and healthy, all things considered... its a small price to pay for a few more good days.

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