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2011 ECF Finals: (1) Bulls vs. (2) Heat. PREDICTIONS!?

I will not give a game by game prediction. But will breakdown the; Starting Lineups, Bench Lineups, Coaching Matchups, & the overall series predictions.

* Starting Matchups

- Derrick Rose vs. Mike Bibby

Even Celtics PG Rondo had a hard time keeping Rose infront of him, & thats truly saying something. I've heard everyone say; "Derrick Rose or BUST!" Well probably not this time, I can see throughout all series, the Heat players over-committing when Rose comes into the lane, kicks it out to: Korver, Bogans, Brewer, Watson, & Gibson for the long range, or Noah & Boozer for the dump-off!

Winer: Rose

- Keith Bogans vs. Dwyane Wade

Bogans, not a lockdown defender (i.e. Grizzlies' Tony Allen) but is an above average defender that will not require too much help with Wade. But Wade will need to work off the ball like he did aganist Ray Allen. If Wade can get out in the open, its just about 2pts everytime!

Winner: Wade

- Luol Deng vs. LeBron James

2 streaky shooters. This is an important matchup. Both can help their team out in big ways. But, Deng is going to really have to step up. A quiet 18 pt affair wont do! He is going to have to stand up to LeBron early & often in order for them not to falter. As for LeBorn, we know his; name, power & reputation, but what will happen when things dont go his way?

Winner: James

- Carlos Boozer vs. Chris Bosh

The most-important matchup in this series! 2 men who are considered over-paid, & over-rated to do what they do! One man (Bosh) who was thrown in the Miami deal in order for it to be completed. Dont be made Miami fans, thats the honest to God truth! The other man (Boozer), has taken Tracy McGrady's un-official title of; "Half-Man, Half-Season" & Bulls mgmt. are paying for a guy who has several 1st rd victories over the Rockets, many years ago. But who will shed that label of;"Fakest Tough Guy in the League" first?! Boozer needs this more than Bosh. We all know that Bosh can easly hide behind 2 guys (Wade & James), Boozer has his defeciencies made up alongside w/ Noah. They compliment one another. But if Boozer can make Bosh dissappear, then it will go a long ways for the Bulls.

Winner: Even

- Joakim Noah vs. Heat Center by Committee

In the nothing to write home about section, Noah will outplay any big (defensively) the Heat trouts out there! Big Z wont go into the paint to bang w/ Noah. Dampier?!; where has he been?! J. Howard?!; please put him in streetclothes, immediaetely! J. Anthony?!; is better, but thats not saying too much. I dont even feel comfortable having Haslem thrown into the spot because he just got back. Noah is going to most liekly have a field day.

Winner: Noah

* Bulls Bench vs. Heat Bench

Both teams feature spot up shooters. But the Heat bench doesnt really play defense. Meanwhile, Chicago will play defense because they have brought into Coach T's system. This will be the difference.

Winner: Bulls Bench

* Coaching Matchups

- Tom Thibodeau vs. Erik Spoelstra

2011 NBA Coach of the Year (Thibodeau); has something to prove here, he is standing out on his own after being an Asst. to Doc Rivers over the last 4 years. He can make all the right game-to-game adjustments that you really dont see out of coaches these days. Meanwhile, Spoelstra, will try to run some sort 'freelance' offense to get out in the open transition. But what 'Spo doesnt realize is that this isnt Boston he is running up aganist, this is a team with alot of athleticisim as well.

Winner: Thibodeau

* Series Prediction

BULLS win 4-3

Enjoy & let me know what you think!

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    Starting Match-ups:

    - Derrick Rose vs Mike Bibby

    Winner: Derrick Rose. No-brainer pick here.

    - Keith Bogans vs Dwyane Wade

    Winner: Dwyane Wade. Bogans may give some problems defensively for Wade, but I doubt it. Wade is almost un-stoppable.

    - Luol Deng vs LeBron James

    Winner: LeBron James. Deng is an underrated player, so James better watch his back, but James is so explosive it's hard for anyone to stop him.

    - Carlos Boozer vs Chris Bosh

    Winner: The winner of the series will have the winner of this match-up. IMO Chris Bosh. But it could really go either way.

    - Joakim Noah vs Zydrunas Ilgauskas/Joel Anthony

    Winner: Noah. Too energetic for the Heat's centers.

    Series winner: Miami Heat in 6


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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Based on the season record, Bulls won (3-0)

    Game 1 ( No wade ) Bulls win by 3

    Game 2 ( Bosh 1-18) Bulls win by 2

    Game 3 (all players) Bulls win by 4

    All throughout the season, Miami had manage to play together holding them to be in # 2 spot and beaten Boston Celtics. And with that, we can predict Miami can pull out to win game 1 on Eastern Conf. Finals. but instead...

    Game 1 (all players) Bulls win by 21

    This is a sign that the Bulls are playing VERY GOOD BASKETBALL.

    They've got energy, great ball movement and hassle plays.

    There's no doubt that they could beat Miami game after game.

    This series will turnout to be just like the meltdown between Dallas and the Lakers.

    * Series Prediction

    BULLS win 4-1

    * BTW i hate when Lebron James always dribbling the ball, for GOD'S SAKE he can't CROSSOVER!

    Source(s): NBA DOT COM
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  • 9 years ago

    Dwyane Wade has to play the defense he played on Ray Allen in that series against their role playing knock-down shooter like Bogans and Korver. My prediction is kind of crazy, but I think the Heat are going to win the first two, and the Bulls will win four straight. Im guessing Bulls in six, but I don't know totally who is going to win what game.

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  • ~Coco~
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    9 years ago

    Bulls win 4-3

    @Prince TNT 8pm Eastern Time

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  • 9 years ago

    Bulls!! what channel is today's game going to be on??

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  • 9 years ago

    bulls cannot win miami heat. you got it here first! it might even be a sweep!

    Source(s): bulls cannot win miami heat. you got it here first! it might even be a sweep!a
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