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why do people tell me i am stupid or don't know what i talk about when i say i want to live in Russia?

As a child i have always dreamed of living in Russia. Ever since i saw it on a map, starting reading its history, learning its language, studying communism, cooking its cuisine, listening to its music watching their cartoons russia has enchanted me. I want everything Russian. I want a Russian wife. if i am to be drafted i want to wear a Russian uniform. I want to salute the Russian Flag. I tried living in different parts of the USA and i have been unhappy where i have moved. I am originally from MA. i have lived in Boston, Albany and now San Antonio. I am extremely unhappy and frustrated because i am not where i want to be. The only reason i do not move out of the USA is because of Employment. I cannot live in another nation unless i have income. I am currently a Political Science major and i just enrolled in a TEFL course. Everyone has dreams they want to accomplish I just feel i cannot seem to accomplish mine. I really want to live in Russia where i would be happy.

When i say i believe in Communism everyone thinks i am crazy. Why do people care. I do not harm others. i am not a threat to anyone else. They cannot really say i do not know what i am talking about as i have studied what Communism is and what it was like in The U.S.S.R. I would like the idea of having housing provided for me. or being educated in what i would be most suited for that the state would value. i know that i would have been a scientist or an engineer by now. I feel science and engineering would be too expensive for me.

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  • Diman
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    1 decade ago
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    So say stupid people. Such people do not know, just blindly believe the rumors. An example of this smatAZ - a man clearly does not understand reality. However, foaming at the mouth will defend the view imposed by the media.

    If you want to live in Russia - did not see a problem. Learn the language, looking for friends, looking for work in Russia. In addition, you can work through the Internet. Possible career change. Try to go as a tourist. At least try. Otherwise, the warden will be much to spare - could have done but did not, but now old and already can not leave.

    Source(s): i am russian
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    "I really want to live in Russia where i would be happy. "

    That is a very strange thing to say, since people who live in Russia are only happy when they are drinking vodka. And Russians who lived in communism went to huge efforts to escape, buy Levis, and take them back. Levis jeans were considered high culture in Russia, but the economic system was so screwed up that they could only be gotten by smuggling them in, and only party members with good behavior were allowed out of the country. The biggest reward for being a good communist was a brief chance at capitalism!

    You can see daily doses of Russia at Most of the pictures are abandoned buildings. For comic relief they show sinkholes in the streets big enough to swallow cars.

  • 1 decade ago

    Russia is not a communist country any more sweetheart. And if it was, they wouldnt have let you move there. I think you have some things mixed up. Communism looks like a great idea... But not when the government is taking all your money, getting rich off it, while you are just as poor as the person who cleans toilets.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Mike, if you really want to live in Russia do what your heart tells you. Good luck to you.

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