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What was your experience with the abortion pill?

how much did it cost you, planned parenthood's website says $350-650 which is a big difference.

i read somewhere that it usually is more painful for skinny girls, i weigh 105 pounds.

has anyone tried an herbal abortion, would that be better? it's been 6 weeks since my last period.

if your going to post anti-abortion stuff don't bother, my boyfriend and i have talked about it and we cant afford to take care of a child and we don't want to give it away to someone else.

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    First of all, let me just congratulate you on doing the responsible thing here. If you don't want a child and/or know you are not physically, emotionally, psychologically, or financially ready to raise a kid at this point in your life, then having an abortion is DEFINITELY the responsible thing to do. It's much better to end an unwanted pregnancy before it becomes an unwanted child.

    I had an abortion about three years ago, using the abortion pill. My birth control pills failed (it happens, apparently a lot more often than most people realize) and I ended up getting pregnant at a time when my husband and I had no desire to have kids. Plus, I knew I was not psychologically or financially ready to raise a baby, even if I DID want one. I knew that I would have had to drop out of school, get a full-time job, and basically give up all of my hopes and dreams to have the baby, and I had no desire to do that. I wasn't ready to completely alter and possibly ruin my future for the sake of a baby that I did not want. So my husband and I talked it over and decided that abortion would definitely be the best choice for both of us.

    The abortion pill is a medicine that basically just induces a miscarriage (which feels like a heavy period). It's not one pill, it's actually two different pills -- the abortion pill (which you take at the clinic) and misoprostol (which you take at home, 2-3 days later). I didn't go to Planned Parenthood to get the pills; I just went to my city's local abortion clinic, and the price was about $350 if I remember correctly. (However, if you're afraid you can't afford the price, Planned Parenthood offers low-cost or free abortions to women who cannot afford the regular price of an abortion. Ask the people at your local Planned Parenthood about their sliding fee scale.) When I first got to the clinic, they gave me a physical, a urine pregnancy test, a blood test, and an ultrasound to determine how far along in the pregnancy I was. (The abortion pill is only effective during the first 8-9 weeks of pregnancy; after 9 weeks, you need an in-clinic abortion procedure if you want to terminate a pregnancy.) Then they interviewed me about my medical history and explained exactly how to take the pills and everything that would happen during the abortion procedure. I took the first pill, the abortion pill, at the clinic. The abortion pill works by blocking the hormone progesterone. Without progesterone, the lining of the uterus breaks down, and pregnancy cannot continue. A few days later, I took the misoprostol pills at home by inserting them into my vagina. The misoprostol actually begins the miscarriage. Right after I took the misoprostol, I had some very heavy bleeding/cramping. I'm skinny too (5'2 and 98 lbs.), and the cramping was REALLY bad during the first half-hour after taking the pills. I was seriously in extremely intense physical pain -- to be honest, it was some of the worst abdominal pain I've ever felt in my life. Be sure to take at least 3-4 pills of Motrin or Advil before you take the misoprostol, and hold a heating pad on your tummy to help relieve the pain. After about a half-hour, the pain subsided, and after that it just felt like a normal period. I bled for about 5-6 days, and then I was done and everything went back to normal. I felt immensely relieved afterward; I knew I was not ready to raise a child and absolutely knew it was the right thing to do. I went to my follow-up appointment a few weeks later (which is required), and after a few blood tests and an ultrasound, the doctors declared that the abortion had been totally successful.

    To read more about how a medical abortion works, just read about it on the Planned Parenthood website, here:

    Contrary to what most obnoxious, judgmental, ignorant pro-lifers would have you believe, most women feel RELIEF after having an abortion; NOT regret. Serious, long-term emotional problems after an abortion are extremely rare and barely ever happen. I've never, ever regretted my decision to abort; it was definitely the best thing to do. I consider it one of the best decisions I've EVER made. I know that it was the best decision for me and my future. If I hadn't gotten the abortion, I highly doubt I'd be where I am now: in grad school, pursuing my dreams and working toward my goal of getting a Ph.D and becoming a university professor!

    Hope that helped. Best of luck to you! :)

    Source(s): Personal experience; about three years ago, I used the abortion pill to terminate my pregnancy at about six weeks in. It was definitely the right choice for me and I have NEVER regretted it.
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    I'm 19 years old. I found out I was pregnant on the 19th of September this year. I took the test and my life fell apart. I was broken. I could not get through a day without crying & breaking down, I needed to get rid of the baby. I went to a clinic about 30 minutes away from my house. A beautiful old converted Victorian house that felt homely and safe. I waited for 6 hours to be seen by a nurse. I took the first pill at 14:07 and then 2 minutes later I had the 4 pills inserted into my vagina by a nurse. I drove home which took me about 30 minutes. I got home and was extremely hungry as I planned to have a sergical abortion done at first, which meant I wasn't allowed to eat 12 hours prior to the surgery. I laid on my sofa and waited for my friend to come over. About an hour later that was it. The pain was unreal, I was being sick, I had fainted and the blood coming out was unbelievable. I would never recommend the abortion pill to anyone. I really think surgical would a 'nicer' option.

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    Planned Parenthood Abortion Pill

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    I took the first pill Monday and the second set of 3 on Wednesday. I spent the first hour on the toilet with diarrhea and I puked once. (The pushing of poop honestly made the pain better I know TMI) It is a lot of pain scale one to ten I would say an 8 (also I have a high pain tolerance) The pain way 10000x better after I threw up, I had some cramping here and there for the next couple of hours but after that no pain at all. I bled like a normal period for the next few days but nothing to bad. $500 out the door and I have O- blood type. In the end it is worth it. I would choose this way over the suction abortion any day. Hope this helps.

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    I had a medication abortion (abortion by pill) a few years ago. When I found out about my pregnancy, I knew that a medication abortion would be the best choice for me because I could have the abortion at home, in my own warm bed, with my fiance next to me -- not in a clinic. I would definitely recommend the abortion pill over an in-clinic abortion procedure. It basically just induces a miscarriage (which feels like a very heavy period). When I found out I was pregnant, I made an appointment at my local abortion clinic to get the abortion pill. When I got to the clinic, they first ran a bunch of tests to make sure I was actually pregnant and find out how far along I was in the pregnancy; they gave me a pregnancy test, a blood test, and an ultrasound. Then I spoke to a counselor who explained exactly how the abortion pill works and how to take the pills (the abortion pill isn't just one pill, it's actually a series of three pills). I took the first pill (the abortion pill) orally at the abortion clinic, which basically just stops the pregnancy from growing, and I was told to insert the other two pills (misoprostol) into my vagina two days later, to induce the miscarriage and flush everything out of my body. I didn't really know what to expect, so I took the next few days off work so I could just relax and stay off my feet. Shortly after inserting the misoprostol pills into my vagina, I began cramping heavily -- honestly, the cramping was EXTREMELY painful at first, I'm not going to lie to you, it was some of the most intense pain I've ever felt in my life. But the really bad cramping died down after about 20-30 minutes, and after that, the cramps just felt like normal period cramps. My fiance got me a heating pad and held it on my belly, and that really helped relieve the cramps. I also took some Motrin, which helped a lot with the cramping. Shortly after I inserted the misoprostol, I started bleeding. I bled for a few days, but it just felt like a normal period -- nothing physically or emotionally traumatic. I used a regular sanitary pad to soak up the blood. After about 5 days, the bleeding was over and everything was back to normal. If you end up having a medication abortion, my best advice is to take some Motrin (or some kind of over-the-counter painkiller) right before you insert the misoprostol, and keep a heating pad on your belly to help with the cramps. You might want to take a hot bath to help with the cramps too. Just try to get a lot of rest and take it easy until you start feeling better. Don't be scared -- the whole process will be over before you know it and you'll be back to your old self again. Remember to go to your follow-up appointment -- it's extremely important! At your follow-up appointment, they'll examine you and make sure that the abortion was completely successful. Just ignore all of the ignorant, obnoxious, judgmental pro-life morons who are replying to this question and telling you that you're a "murderer" and that you're "killing your unborn child" and all that nonsense -- you're not killing anything. The thing that's growing inside of you right now is just a blob of cells that cannot see, hear, feel, or think -- it is not yet a baby or a sentient, conscious being. It cannot feel; it is basically a vegetable. Abortion is a safe and legal way to end an unwanted and unplanned pregnancy before it becomes an unwanted child. The nasty pro-life people have absolutely no right to judge you or tell you what you can and cannot do with your own body. Just ignore them. Only you can decide what is best for you. Hope that helped! Best of luck with everything.

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    I had two medical abortions. My first experience was horrible. I was about 8-9 weeks. I first took the mifepristone by mouth and I didn't feel anything. Two days later, I inserted 4 progesterone so side me. About an hour later, I felt PAINFUL cramps; worse than I ever felt before. I did not know what to do with myself. It lasted for hours. I felt sick the whole day. I didn't take any pain medication to reduce the pain. The second time, I took the mifepristone and didn't feel anything as well or didn't have any spotting. A day later, I took a ibuprofen 800 mg at 10 am bc I was feeling a little cramps. Then I took another one around 11:40 am. Next, at 12 I put two progesterones on each side of my mouth (4 all together) and kept it ther for 30 minutes. I drank hot tea to swallow it down at 12:30. I had a heating pad on my stomach and was drinking hot tea because I didn't want to feel the excruciating pain I felt the first time. I cramped a little but they were very tolerable.

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    I took the pills last year. And it was the absolute worst experience. Any side effects you receive from the pill I had them within 15 minutes of taking the second dose. Cramps worse than my normal period cramps. Felt more like contractions. Diarrhea and vomiting at the same time for about 20 minutes. And the pain lasted about 2 days for me. I had to take Vicodin and lay with a heating pad over me. I would definitely suggested doing the surgery. I've heard it's not bad and the recovery isn't as painful. If you get medi cal the surgery and pills are free heads up. Tell the clinic or hospital you have little to no income and no insurance. If your over 18 of course. If not tell an adult you can trust or your mom you will definitely need some support during the whole process.

    Source(s): Personal experience.
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    I actually had a medical vaccum abortion at 6 weeks when I was 18. It just felt like period cramping and only lasted 5 minutes. It was about 350 dollars at the clinic and this was in Pittsburgh. I would much rather have had them remove the embryo than see it in my toilet or something :(. The abortion pill takes hours and can cause nausea and all kinds of stuff. Medically they do everything for you, even after care. And you only bleed for about 15 minutes after and its light spotting like a period. Also, the abortion pill sometimes doesn't work, so you have to retest for pregnancy after a week or something. I recommend getting a real abortion to be on the safe, much more emotionally better side. Good luck!

    Source(s): Personal experience!
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