Forensics of Predator by Patricia Cornwell?

So I have this book named 'Predator' by Patricia Cornwell, and supposedly it has an actual case or forensics involved, as in the suspect, evidence to convict the guy, and so on. But it all looks like story to me, rather than having actual criminalistics. Does anyone know if this book has anything like evidence, an actual crime, etc? :/

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  • 9 years ago
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    On Amazon...

    Predator (Kay Scarpetta Mysteries) [Hardcover] by Patricia Cornwell

    It's not often a crime novel offers such a smorgasbord of oddball elements, including autopsy advice, methods of combating tree blight, the use of spiders in sadomasochist torture and couples covering the sexual and psychological waterfronts...

    Sounds like is is fiction and part of a series....

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