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Chinese homework help!

Could anyone translate the following paragraph into English?

the is written by 馬念慈.





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    A colleague has a glow to her face recently. On every Wednesday it is specially obvious, she intendedly wears light makeup and while she slightly presses the keyboard buttons there often comes a sweet grin blossoms on her face.

    Her appearance clearly shows that she is now falling in love with someone. Though denied again and again she finally reveals after closely questioned and said " Haha, I have not yet find a man (for marriage), in fact, I go to latte art course on Wednesdays" .

    To learn coffee drawing, enroll in a step by step latte art course, some ladies of post-80s have a vision of investing and operating a internet coffee shop of special style. " The customers may play games through wireless while drinking the coffee with latte art made by me, it will definitely be better than that in Starbuck."

    手把手教程 = a course taught by "hand hold hand" method

    hand hold hand means the teacher uses his own hand to hold the student's hand to teach how to do the work.

    In old times, in China, parent sometimes hold young child's hand to guide the child writing Chinese words.

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