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Why are people still bringing up Derrick Rose's SAT score?

So what if he cheated? It's a rarity nowadays to find a STUDENT-athlete. Let's be real, the only reason why Rose went to Memphis was to improve his draft stock, similar to ALL of John Kalipari's other stars (John Wall, Terrence Jones, Brandon Knight, etc.).

Rose can cheat on his SAT for all I care, what matters is that he makes mo money than all of us in this section combined O_O

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    I'm sure Rose spend 8 hours a day in high school focusing on basketball. People act like the low SAT scores means he is stupid, but really, he was probably just too busy to study. It takes some sort of intelligence to make lightning quick decisions at the NBA level.

    There is no such thing as a stupid superstar in the NBA. Obviously, Rose has spent his time wisely, even if that meant not studying for the SATs.

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    Rose gets doubled group at a million/2 courtroom each and each play? i ask your self what huge type reliable participant can placed up reliable share constantly on an identical time as getting double and triple teamed? Rose is the top explosive participant i've got have been given seen in an prolonged time. i might desire to assert lots better so than King James. have exciting trolling.

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    They got nothing on D Rose, so naturally people go to the first thing they can find.

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    Who the F**k is Derrick Rose?

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    its the principle. cheaters can suck my nutsack

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