Can you believe that Laredo Texas saw 14 days this April of 100 degrees or hotter? 28 days above 90?

I don't know how accurate Laredo's temperatures are, as before 1998, the OFFICIAL temperature would hardly ever hit 110 degrees. In fact, I can count in my head the amount of times Laredo hit 110 before the 1990's. Now, it happens several times a year, and not when you would expect it. Quite often, we get our hottest temperature readings in April or May. (FYI - In contain the tradition of hitting 110 degrees every year, we hit it on April 27th with an all-time record high for April of 112 degrees.)

In fact, we hit 103 degrees back on Feb. 26th this year - tying our all-time record for February.

So, its been a very hot and very dry year. From October to April, we had only a half inch of rain for the dryest 6 month period in history.

What do you make of this, especially considering the fact that San Antonio Texas - just 150 miles away, with the same altitude ( 500 feet asl ) and not near any body of water - only averages maybe 4 100 days a year, verses Laredo, which sees nearly 50 on average?

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  • 10 years ago
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    Yes; Laredo sees the highest temps in south central Texas despite nearby cities - Eagle Pass and Del Rio - often running 10F cooler.

    However some cities in North Texas do see similar temps. such as Arlington.

    Source(s): I've noticed that too.
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