Do I possibly have an infection in my finger?

I have a small laceration on my left index finger beginning at the top DIP joint and running approximately 4mm up through the distal phalanges, I would normally think nothing of this, pop a band-aid and keep going, except this time (now 24 hours later) there is a red line radiating from the top of the laceration to the base of the finger nail, I know that typically a red line radiating from a wound can be a sign of infection; however the line is only 6mm long (unless it continues under the finger nail) and only radiates in one direction from the laceration. Any advice from someone with a medical background?

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    9 years ago
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    Honestly, it's probably a small laceration and if it's infected than not very badly - the doctor would probably not want to prescribe antibiotics even if it was a small infection. I had something really similar to your finger on my thumb so I went to the doctor. The doctor said I didn't really need an antibiotic so he prescribed a cream for burns and I could have got it over-the-counter. The doctor said the infection would have been fought off by me(immunity) so the doctor nicely told me it was no big deal and laughed at me a little:)

    Source(s): happened to me medical assistant, bio degree health science sudent
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