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What is the history of Uchizy, France?


Chizerot people

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Cornhill magazine volume 80

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    Uchizy is located at 23 Kilometers of the chief town of Mâcon, with 9 kilometers of Tournus, 36 kilometers of Trawl-net on the Saone. The inhabitants are called Chizerots or Chizerotes. The village was really established in 878 after the king of France Louis the Stammerer had given it to the monks of Saint-Philibert and they came to settle in Tournus. To manage their new possession, they established around the church, a priory with its dependences: well, stable, barn, haylofts, birdcage, furnace, press and barn. Later it was surrounded and protected by residences of gentlemen and the small houses settle in which the inhabitants found refuge in a period of danger. It resembles a castle in that there is a large ditch that surrounds it.

    There was other strongholds, but dependent on the abbey of Tournus and without rights of justice, whose principal ones with their castle, were that of the Riders (disappeared) and that of Grenod : Castle, keep, said, temple, level, pilori, ditches, blacksmiths, barbers, tissiers, the street names and of localities recall this last rich person. These suburbs were rural, the buildings running generally in the direction of north in the south, largely open on the outside. The houses in these streets are larger than in the country in the vineyard of the mountain of Tournus. Not only wine, but cereals are cultivated and there are large barns, roomy lofts for the hay and cattle sheds for the cattle. Uchizy is indeed a country of mixed-farming. More favoured than their neighbors of Ozenay or Royer which were at the mercy of lords often without humanity, the chizerots obtained, as of XIIIè century, some privileges which bettered their situation above the peasants around them.

    But Uchizy did not enjoy a long time peacefully these privileges because of the One hundred Year old War, 1337-1437 between the kings of France and England. This war resulted in many plunderings of the area and which the abbey had to be protected by requiring for its guard the men from the villages surrounding. After having crossed this unhappy time, Uchizy was to still have to suffer, during first half of the next century, the conflicts which took place between the houses of Orleans and of Burgundy and during which troops of the Dolphin, that one called the Armagnacs, seized Tournus and made large damage in Mâconnais.

    To withdraw, in 1422, to the horrors of the Civil war, the inhabitants of Uchizy the Saone crossed and sought asylum in the wood which belonged to them. But, fearing the rigours of the winter later, they asked hospitality to the inhabitants of Arbigny who accepted them in their hearths. The latter were authorized to cut wood in their drills and to make feed their cattle in their meadows. But the Inhabitants of Arbigny misused the permission and those of Uchizy, not thinking that their recognition had to be a time limitation, requested a time limit. From there, disentangled violent ones where blood was often widespread and a major hatred that the following centuries entirely did not extinguish…

    Reigns of Louis XII and François Ier, i.e. the extreme end of XVè century and first half of XVIè century, were times of peace and peace. Uchizy became prosperous before precipitating again in the bloody convulsions of the civil wars. Leaving the ruins of their residences, the chizerots were cut off in one from the Saone and made a fortified camp there. They had to endure until the end of the wars of religion. Hardly returned in their village, they were attacked again and on several occasions by the inhabitants of Arbigny. When the Revolution burst in 1789, Uchizy did not escape the political armed robberies in the Mâconnais area. The First Empire was to bring back peace to Uchizy, soon disturbed again in 1814 and 1815, during the invasion of the allies.

    The Town council, on August 14, 1859, requested the creation of a station from Uchizy, considering that a station on railway line Paris - Lyon would facilitate the commercial and industrial reports/ratios considerably. A station "the Forks" was built, within two kilometers of the center of the village. On June 16, 1876, the council asked for the establishment of a quay for the loading and the unloading of the cattle. At the end of the XIXè century, Uchizy is one of the richest communes of the canton of Tournus. (translated from French)

    Source(s): "The Chizerots, the Burins, the Sermoyens, the inhabitants of Boz and of Uchizy are supposed to be descendants of the Saracens who were expelled from France by Charles Martel. They are despised and hated, but seem, at least, to have more courage than the Cagots, for they in their turn consider themselves superior to the pure race. They are hard-working and well-to-do, very handsome with dark rather round eyes. They are generally cattle-dealers and butchers." p. 247
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