Whats the lifetime movie where the girl is a prostitute and then she gets in a relationship with her stepdad?

So she has sex with her stepdad, then they get in a relationship, then they make her Mom think she's going crazy, then they kill the mom. So then they go on vacation, and she gets the stepdad to go to jail, and she incriminates him.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Mini's First Time (2006)

    IMDb review:

    The film is narrated by Mini (Nikki Reed) and centers mainly around her character. Mini comes from a family straight from the Springer Show. Mother Diane (Carrie-Ann Moss) is a mean, money-grubbing, alcoholic slut. Daddy is completely out of the picture, but not to worry when you've got a stepfather like Alec Baldwin. Mini has decided to take up hooking. She is a bit surprised when her first client turns out to be none other than Martin, her stepfather. This does not deter Ms. Mini in the least. In fact, there isn't much that gets the better of Ms. Mini. This gal is one sharp cookie, good at thinking on her feet, and always staying one step ahead of the posse. Soon, she and stepdaddy-dearest are hot and heavy--right under unknowing mom's nose. But this isn't enough to satisfy Mini--she would just as soon Mom wasn't in the picture at all. She gets Martin to go along with her schemes, and Mom soon doesn't know what hit her.

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