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Question about IKARIAM, PILAGING?

There is one person i keep pilaging (rawr) and all i get is building material, i would like my troops to loot some marble or somethin', can i choose that or is it just like.. when he runs out of building material, i get somethin else

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    Although I dont know the exact answer, I can steer you in a good direction. There is an Ikariam discussion board, on the Ikariam

    website. There seems to be lot of people on there, with questions just like yours, and they help each other.


    As far as Yahoo Answers, video game questions get more response in this category

    Games & Recreation > Video & Online Games

    You posted the question in the Yahoo Products> Yahoo Answers, which is for questions about using Yahoo Answers.

    True gamers view the Video Game category, and not so much this category.

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