Is it ok for a diabetic to eat potatoes? Type 2 diabetic?

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    When it comes to diabetes, there is no one size fits all answer. What works for one diabetic may not work for the next.

    Best thing to do is for you to get a blood glucose meter if you do not have one already.

    Try out one food at a time - in this case potatoes. Log everything that you eat. Test 2 hours after eating. If you are under 140mg/7.8 mm/ol, then you are OK. If you are above this target, then you need to look at what you ate. Either reduce the portion, or cut it out entirely.

    Everyone's body is different. Only by testing will you find patterns that are right for YOU, and only by testing will you know how much of each food, you can eat.

    In general many diabetics find it hard to eat potatoes because they are so high in carbohydrate and hence spike their blood sugar. But YOU have to find the solution that is right for YOU and you alone.

    BTW also note that you will probably react to potatoes differently depending on how they are cooked. You should do your own blood sugar experiments with various styles. For example I know that my body reacts slightly differently to low fat high carb potatoes (boiled) compared to high fat high carb potatoes (French fries).

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    Is it ok for a diabetic to eat potatoes? Type 2 diabetic?

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  • 4 years ago

    Yes. You just count the carbs. Diabetics can eat pretty much anything excluding things that are about pure sugar like soda, cotton candy, pixie sticks, etc. Unless their sugar is low. Well they shouldn't eat those but some do. And if you are talking about type two, it depends on what they use to control their diets, some use diet and exercise and that may or may not be part of their diet plan.

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