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Are you guys excited WWE is bringing back managers + BQ ?!?

BQ : Do you guys wanna see Edge manage Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins? It will be awesome, pushing both superstars also :O

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    Yeah I was excited when I heard the news of WWE officials discussing about reviving the manager role for some heel performers. In my opinion this was long overdue, Managers has been a lost art in WWE for quite. They have a lot of great talent who can't get over because of mic skills. Bringing managers back is a great decision because it helps get the talent over.

    Most of the industry’s biggest stars got their breaks from a manager – even up to as recent as Lesnar/Heyman or Umaga/Estrada. It really helps make wrestlers, especially heels, look like a big deal. Tyson Kidd/Hayes is a great start.

    BQ: That would be cool, it would restore much credibility onto Ryder and Hawkins names and possibly a bit of revival into the Tag Team division. I wouldn't even mind seeing a a Daniel Bryan/Regal pair up (heel or face) or Kofi/Booker in a mentor angle. As I’ve said here before, Cole as the manager of a heel stable (and off commentary) could be money too, and help some younger heels like Husky Harris or Brodus Clay get over.

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    I Say they could deliver back Paul Bearer to regulate The Undertaker lower back For previous Time's Sake, perhaps For Undertaker's final experience in the previous He carry close's It Up. Now that could be Cool. Yeah, they could Definately deliver back Managers nonetheless. They Made The fits slightly greater exciting.

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    I would Say its Great .. More Fights Outside the ring ...

    edge wont be one he is out of the wwe and wont come back in till WM 28

    Christan should take a back seat and Manage one or two new ones ..

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    9 years ago

    If that's true, it would REALLY help charisma deficient wrestlers (like Ted Jr, Drew McIntyre, possibly Evan Bourne, etc.)

    BQ: No, because Ryder & Hawkins have enough mic skills, attitude and charisma to get over themselves, especially if the WWE is serious about it.

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  • 9 years ago

    YES. This WILL HELP ALOT. Now managers can cheat in matches and help his superstar, build morale and even do the talking for his/her superstar sometimes. Mangers FTW!

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    yes it will give great superstars with little mic skills a boost

    and yes it would

  • 9 years ago

    Cool for both

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