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What was the Fontages Legion made of Haitian forces that helped to free America from Britain?

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    Leadership and the Soldier

    By States Army Service Forces United States Army Service Forces, United States, Air Force Staff

    "At the siege of Savannah, the Comte D'Estaing's 3000 Frenchmen included the Vicomte de Fontages' Legion of Haitian black and mulatto freedmen. The Fontage Legion saved the American and French forces from annihilation after the unsuccessful attack on Savannah, bravely covering the retreat. Ander Beauvais, Henri Christophe, Rigaud, Villette, and Beauregard, all of whom later became generals and commander in the Haitian Revolution, were among the six to eight hundred men present in the Fontage Legion. Haitian forces were also present at Pensacola."

    How the Black St. Domingo Legion Saved the Patriot Army in the Siege of Savannah, 1779

    "As the army began its retreat, Lieutenant-colonel Maitland with the grenadiers, and marines who were incorporated with the grenadiers, charged its rear with the purpose of accomplishing its annihilation. It was then that there occurred the most brilliant feat of the day, and one of the bravest ever performed by foreign troops in the American cause. In the army of D'Estaing was a legion of black and mulatto freedmen, known as Fontages Legion, commanded by Vicount de Fontages, a brave and experienced officer. The strength of this legion is given variously from six hundred to over eight hundred men. This legion met the fierce charge of Maitland and saved the retreating army.

    In an official record prepared in Paris, now before me, are these words: “This legion saved the army at Savannah by bravely covering its retreat. Among the blacks who rendered signal services at that time were: Andre, Beauvais, Rigaud, Villatte, Beauregard, Lambert, who latterly became generals under the convention, including Henri Christophe, the future king of Haiti.” This quotation is taken from a paper secured by the Honorable Richard Rush, our minister to Paris in 1849, and is preserved in the Pennsylvania Historical Society. Henri Christophe received a dangerous gunshot wound in Savannah. Balch says in speaking of Fontages at Savannah: “He commanded there a legion of mulattoes, according to my manuscript, of more than eight hundred men, and saved the army after the useless assault on the fortifications, by bravely covering the retreat.”

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