What episode is it that the x-men team is discovered to be mutants except Kurt?

I really want to know the episode. I know it's either at the end of season 2 or the beginning of season 3. It's x-men evolution, by the way.

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    It looks like it is the 1st Episode of Season 3, Day of Recovery.

    Episode Summary:

    "X-Men and the Brotherhood deal with the aftermath of the world finding out about mutants. The Institute is blown up, and Mystique posed as Prof. X to blow it up. Some of the X-Men and Brotherhood are captured, leaving the mutants to have to find them, and then find Professor X."

    The last episode of Season 2, Episode 17 is Day Of Reckoning (2).

    Episode Summary:

    "The Brotherhood/X-Men arrive where Magneto is with his new allies, but Quicksilver suddenly reveals he is part of Magneto's team. The others begin to battle the allies, but without warning, Magneto caves in the ground, and a mega-robot sentinel is released. The government agents with the sentinel trap a few members of the team, and the remaining retreat back to the destructed institute. Scott and the other students explain how they escaped then Scott suddenly accuses the Professor of setting it up. Professor X suddenly morphs into Mystique, shocking them all, stating that "Things are about to get much worse ..."

    Hope this helps!

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