Nitric Acid and moles??? chemistry help?

What is the maximum amount of nitric acid that could be produced from 500 tonnes of ammonia gas???

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  • maussy
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    9 years ago
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    NH3 would be transformed in HNO3

    NH3 + O2 ---> HNO3+H2O

    mass of NH3 =14+3*1=17g mass of HNO3= 1+14+3*16 =63

    so 500 tonnes = 5*10^8g of NH3 give

    5*10^8*63/17=1.853*10^9g =1853 tonnes

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  • 9 years ago

    I am not familiar with the American ton, so i will answer with the European ton.

    ammonia is NH3

    Nitric acid is HNO3, so to make it we have to oxidize NH3. For each NH3 we oxidize, we get one HNO3. so 1 mole NH3, gives 1 mole HNO3.

    Ammonia weighs 17,03053 g/mole

    so 500 tonnes, or 500.000 kilo = 29.360 kilo moles of NH3. Which we convert into 29.360 kilo moles of Nitric acid.

    Nitric acid weighs 63.01 g/mole. But we have 29.360 kilo moles. So we get: 1849973,6 kilogrammes, or 1850 tonnes of nitric acid.

    Source(s): Chemical engeneering student
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  • 9 years ago

    1mol NH3 will produce 1 mol HNO3

    Molar mass NH3 = 17.0306 g/mol

    Molar mass HNO3 = 63.0130 g/mol

    500 ton NH3 will produce 500*63.0130/17.0306 = 1,849.99 = 1,850 ton of HNO3 in whatever version of tons you wish.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    First convert 500 tonnes into grams so..

    500 000 000 grams

    Then you dive the mass by the mr so..

    500 000 000/17 = 29411764.71 moles

    = 29 moles

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