Among them, pack cementation,

which is based on the CVD process, is considered to be an

effective surface treatment to improve the corrosion resistance of

steel bipolar plates since it produces a uniform diffuse layer on the

steel surface and maintains high coherence at the interface between

the diffuse layer and the substrate [12–14].

我想請問一下 這段話裡的pack cementation, 是指什麼意思?


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  • 9 years ago
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    Among them 裝好後---> 通常真空製程,在拆解清潔後裝回去之前,

    pack cementation--> 要做"封合"的動作,以避免"破真空"或真空度不夠,造成製程問題,會在上"矽油(膠)"的動作。

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