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  • 9 years ago
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    弟一首歌名:Oh Baby

    歌手:Cinta Laura

    專輯:Oh Baby OST


    Kau bikin pusing tujuh keliling

    Buat aku mabuk kepayang

    Gayamu cool dan seksi

    Mentok aku kepada kamu

    Jadi semakin aku cinta


    Kau sihir aku yang sedang kosong

    Di saat aku butuh cinta

    Mantra-mantra dahsyatmu

    Menarik aku yang sendiri

    Memang lagi putus cinta


    Katakan-katakan kau sungguh-sungguh

    Hanya ada ku di didalam hatimu

    Katakan-katakan kau cinta aku

    Untuk selamanya kau jadi milikku


    I don't wanna lose you

    Yes I wanna hold you

    I don't wanna make you

    Make you sad and make you cry

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    第二首Baby Bash(貝比貝許) feat. Akon(阿肯) 演唱的 Baby I'm Back

    收錄在2005.3.15發行的Super Saucy(特調香濃嘻哈) 專輯


    [Baby Bash]

    Tell me what the word is (Already) [repeat x4][Akon]

    Don't look no farther!

    Baby I’m back (Yeah)

    I’m here to cater to you (Anything that you want me to, I'll do it)

    Cause I'll be your lover (I'll be your lover)

    I’ll be your best friend

    Tell me what I gotta do (Tell me what I gotta do and I'll do it)[Baby Bash]

    Now I’m back in the flesh

    Feelin so blessed, back in your corner suga, suga don't stress

    Forget about the rest, let's coincide, I’m back in your zone

    Baby back in your vibe, now i can't be denied, I can't lie I’m on ya

    never ever wanna say sayonara

    Somebody told me that the grass was greener

    On the other side, andale, arriba

    Never really intended on being a cheater

    What I gotta do to be your keeper

    These words comin out the speaker, trill love is off the meter[Chorus][Baby Bash]

    I was gone for a minute but now I’m home,

    Please forgive me for being a rolling stone,

    Please forgive me let me polish it up like chrome,

    Get off the phone tell those squares to leave you alone,

    Let me spark your interest, now there's no more dating on the internet,

    Cause you already know how I get it wet, how I keep it so saucy and I get respect,

    You don't have to look no farther, you dealin with whole enchilada,

    You don't have to look no farther, you hotter then a fire starter


    [Baby Bash]

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    哈 滿了不好意思 補充在這


    演唱:Shontelle ft. The Dream

    弟四首nite box - top of the world

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