How do artirst record music videos?

I'm not talking about the video or anything, but the sound. In a music video no matter what the artist is doing their voice stays the same as the retail version of the song. Like if someone is jumping up and down while rapping their song how do they keep their voice the same pitch? Is it all just lip syncing to the retail version of the song?

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    9 years ago
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    There are many different ways that artists and musicians can record their music. Most signed or popular artists prefer to use a professional recording studio. Professional studios, in comparison to home studios, give the artist a variety of ways to create and record music. Typically pro studios have a variety of microphones and effects units that effect the way the sound of the instruments or the voice are recorded. Most importantly, professional studios have acoustically designed rooms and large mixing boards. This allows multiple instruments to be recorded simultaneously while the musicians (or band) are playing a song.

    And yes of course the majority of music videos are not live, so it only meant that they are lip syncing the whole time of the music video since the song is already recorded .

  • 3 years ago

    Its no longer unlawful to record it in spite of the shown fact that that's illegitimate to sell or re distribute without the vendors permission - that's talked approximately as breaking copywrite regulation and you may properly be sued or do reformatory time.

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