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Anybody ever visited Dallas, TX?

What is Dallas like as far as climate, entertainment, etc. What is there to do there?

I am planning on moving there to attend Dallas Theological Seminary and currently an undergrad student in Philadelphia, PA. I am originally from California and would love to experience the South. I heard mixed things about Dallas. So if you could update me on anything that would be awesome. Please no negative/immature comments

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    Dallas is in tornado alley, but it seems this year they've hit in places that have never had them before and we've had very few warnings and no tornadoes. We have already had 90 degree days. Summers bring many days of 100+. Winters are usually mild with 1 or 2 days of an inch of snow, but the ice storms bring the city to a stop. The last couple winters have been colder than usual and have lasted longer. Ordinarily the cold days last a day or two and then it's 60 again.

    I've lived in Chicago, Vermont, and Tulsa, OK before moving to a Dallas suburb several years ago. I enjoy living here more than any place I've lived. However, I don't think Dallas is a hot spot for vacationers.

    As for entertainment people think of places like Six Flags Over Texas, Hurricane Harbor Water Park, both Dallas & Ft Worth zoos, Dallas World Aquarium, Ft Worth Stockyards, Palace of Wax Museum, Ripley's Believe It or Not, and the many clubs. However, there are other interesting places to visit such as the Sixth Floor Museum (JFK), Dallas Arboretum, Old City Park, the Bureau of Printing & Engraving in FW, Dallas Holocaust Museum, Museum of Nature & Science, Old Red Museum, Fort Worth Water Gardens. In addition if you like sports, the Metroplex offers it all - -

    Dallas Cowboy football, Ranger baseball, Mavericks basketball, Stars hockey, NASCAR, and Lone Star Park horse racing.

    If you like outdoor activities their are several lakes in the area for water sports. Cedar Ridge Preserves has good hiking and biking trails. Widowmaker Trails in the suburb of Southlake is a great place for horseback riding.

    I think you'll find people in the Metroplex to be friendly and easy to get to know.

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    Dallas isn't a place to visit. It's just a place to live and work. There really isn't anything special about Dallas. The people who love Dallas are either from Dallas or from small towns in the surrounding region. Once you've visited other places you'll see that Dallas is just an overgrown prairie town with a small town mentality. Most people in Dallas have never really left Texas or states that surround Texas much, if at all. Dallas is more of a regional metropolis though this seems to be changing a little bit in the last 10 years but not that much. In the end of the day, Dallas is just a generic metropolis in the middle of the prairie.

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    I have lived here over 10yrs.Do come mainly for that school because is one of the best in country & elsewheres.100% of their statement of faith is correct. Weather varies & last few yrs some bad storms.Most but not all winters are mild. There are plenty of eating places.Theaters & ok,esp if you drive as Dallas covers a large area. Has mixed neighborhoods.It has its mob & gangs & corruption like other Big cities so depends where you live.If God is Calling you here then Here is where you need to be, I went to Liberty U,Va.Air pollution is bad & gvt secretly adds to it but only effects certain small % & most are not aware of it.You can contact me anytime.Will you come by bus, or vehicle? Sch dorm,or renting? I have some connections.Pray about it. May God bless & if need more,simply shout! PS/ Im looking for a fishing companion??Do you go fishing?

  • Its really hate in the summer. Around the winter time it might drop to the 50's or 60's and they do get snow so yeah its a great place in all. And also the best thing to do is lounge around and got to 6 flags great america. I went when i was down there for 3 monthes like 6 times its fun.

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