LCD monitor PCI video card support?

Hello, I purchased an AOC LCD monitor to replace my old CRT one for my computer. I found out my old ancient Geforce MX4000 PCI video card won't support it though. I am lost because it had the same kind of cable connection VGA I believe that my old monitor has. Is there any LCD monitor I can buy that will support my old card or do I have to upgrade to a whole new machine if I want to use a flat screen. I don't know enough about LCDs, help!


To describe it better when I turn the screen on it just says "Input not support" I can't upgrade the video card because the computer is old and I have the best PCI card it'll take otherwise I have to get a new mother board and if I have to go that route I'd just get a whole new computer.

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    9 years ago
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    What do you mean it doesn't support the LCD screen? Explain.

    I would say try updating your GeForce drivers. But for best results, a video card upgrade would be recommended. You can get a decent one for like, $40.

  • 3 years ago

    you're able to be able to desire to examine even in the adventure that your video show can help as much as this decision or not, while the video card besides. case in point, in the adventure that your video show can basically help as much as 1280x1024, whether, your video card can help as much as 1440x900, that doesn't propose your video show can use the optimum decision (1440x900), yet extremely it makes use of 1280x1024. In different be conscious, with the intention to assist this 1440x900 decision, you're able to be able to desire to have a video show and a video card the two are help his decision.

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