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Who are the Chizerot and Burhin people of France?

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    I think this answer would be found in a textbook more than online. There are only brief references and most of the documents are in French. After several hours of looking, this is all I could come up with:

    Chizerot were members of a race of people in France said to be of Goth or Saracen blood, although they may have originated as a leper colony. They live in Uchizy, a town located in the department of Saone-et-Loire (Bourgogne region). The inhabitants are called Uchizy Chizerots and their number from 729 to 1999 census.



    "North of Macon and south of Tournus, on both banks of the Saone, there are, on one side, the villages of Boz, Ozan, Arbigny, and Sermoyer, whose inhabitants call themselves Burkins; and on the other, the village of Uchizy, whose inhabitants go by the name of Chizerots, In contradiction to M. Reboud, M. Reinaudf seems to doubt their Saracen origin. In 1862 I went to Uchizy and Arbigny ; several persons there told me themselves that they were of Arabian or Saracenic origin. In the midst of numerous individuals, having apparently no very distinct anthropological characters, some very black haired women diflFered from the inhabitants of the neighbourhood by their tall and slender figure; their elongated faces, without malar prominences, by their uniform and dark complexion, by their large eyes, long eye-lashes, black, thick and arched eye- brows, by their physiognomy, melancholy, yet regular and beautiful ; for one of these young Chizerotes, when the French empress passed through Macon, had been appointed, as the most beautiful girl of the whole district, to offer a bouquet to her sovereign. That type seems more Arabian than Berberic."

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