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Business Law Worksheet 6

1. Personal, natural rights guaranteed by the Constitution. Civil Rights

2. Change or alteration. Amendment

3. Government system wherein each citizen may vote directly to decide issues. Sovereignty

4. Divisions and allocation of the power s of government between its various branches. System of checks and Balances

5. Government systems wherein citizens elect representatives to decide issues. republic

6. Freedom from external control. Legal Rights

7. Obligations or standards of conduct toward a person’s that is enforceable by law. Legal Duties

8. Loose from of charter for common government for the 13 colonies prior to the adoption of the constitution. Declaration of Independence

9. Framing document that currently consists of 7 articles and 27 amendments. U.S Constitution

10. Concept of fundamental fairness in compliance with reasonable and just laws. Democracy

11. The first ten amendments of the U.S constitution. Bill of Rights

Achmed immigrated to the United States from Iraq. He claimed Iraq’s government would persecute him if he stayed there. The U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service granted Achmed a temporary visa and began investigating his claim. The INS then denied his claim and revoked his visa. Achmed obtained a false ID to stay in the country, He told his employer, Julian, the whole story. Julian’s Lawyer told Julian he was legally obligated to inform the INS about Achmed. Julian believed that Achmed would be tortured if he returned to Iraq.

1. Should Julian inform the INS of Achmed’s Whereabouts? If so, why? Yes, Because he is staying illegally in the country with false identification.

2. What are the reasons in favor of Julian not informing the INS? He thinks Achmed will be tortured if he returns back to Iraq.

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