Is Donald Trump a Free Mason?

just wanted to know...


also, is it ok to be part of a company of a free mason? the reason I am asking this is the fact that I don't know much about free masonery except for the fact that they're against organised religion and i am a devout muslim and I want to know if it's wrong or not for someone who's religious, whether muslim, christian, jew, etc... to join a company owned by a free mason... this has been really bothering me the last few days...

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    There is nothing saying he is a member of the Fraternity.


    Passing (gas) says yes and point to a wiki page describing the 33rd degree. No where on that page does say Trump, Donald Trump and any such thing. Trust me if he were a member it would be very well known as I am sure his lodge would be very proud of his membership.

    Mtothohr thinks it a club for the mediocre, well 14 presidents, some of the greatest ones we have had were members of the Fraternity. There is a book called 10,000 famous Masons I would suggest he check it out, enough said.

    use your brain is not using his/hers. There are many members who like me are average and by no means rich. Some live very simple lives and come from all walks of life.

    Freemasonry is NOT against organized religion, in fact if anything they are a supporter of organized religion. Freemasonry's singular purpose is to make good men better and its bonds of friendship, compassion and brotherly love have survived even the most divisive political, military and religious conflicts through the centuries. Freemasonry is neither a forum nor a place of worship. It is not a religion nor does it teach a religious philosophy. For nearly three hundred years it has attracted men of high moral character who support the tenets of temperance, fortitude, prudence and justice.

    We're often asked, "What do Freemasons believe?" The answer is quite simple: essentially the same things that teachers, bus drivers, Rotarians, or anyone else believes. There is no 'requirement' that all Masons believe certain things except insofar as good behavior dictates.

    Today, the more than four million Freemasons around the world come from virtually every occupation and profession. Within the Fraternity, however, all meet as equals. In fact, one of the most fascinating aspects of Freemasonry (and an obvious source of irritation for those who thrive on the seeds of discontent) has always been: how can so many men, from so many different walks of life, meet together in peace, ignoring political or religious debates, to conduct their affairs in harmony and friendship and to call each other "Brother!" It's truly a conundrum which perplexes those outside the fraternity. Laying aside petty jealousies and agreeing that issues of politics and religion are not proper for discussion within a lodge, the 'bones of contention' that so often divide are removed thereby making it possible for men of varying religious and political interests to meet on common ground.

    Freemasons are taught to conform to the moral laws of society and to abide by the laws of the government under which they live. They are men of charity and good works and they engage in charitable works which have made them "the World's greatest philanthropy!" Their services to mankind represent an unparalleled example of the humanitarian commitment and concern of this unique and honorable Fraternity.

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    When a Masonic brother is running for office is not something that can be kept quite. The overall excitement is too overpowering, and many freemasons would chatter up the membership. Trump has a provacitive past which would be highly frowned upon by a lodge. It's possible he could have became a member later in life, as a Mason I hope he is, but I doubt it.

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    Is Donald Trump A Freemason

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    To answer your second question regarding Freemasonry and religion, I am a Past Worshipful Master of a Masonic Lodge. When it comes to religion, you could not be further from the truth. While we do not promote politics or religion in Lodge, it is a requirement that you MUST have a steadfast believe in the One and Living and True God. We do not care what denomination of faith you practice. Faith in Deity and charity are what makes up the foundations of Freemasonry. You have, I am sure, heard of the Shriners and the Shriners Hospitals? You must be a Master Mason before you can become a Shriner. (There are a few states that have separated Shriners from Freemasonry). At the last charity event I attended for our local Shriners, I believe I counted 22 or 23 hospitals built by Shriners for Children. Each Hospital specializes in different treatments for children. They have one of the best Burn Unit hospitals in the world for children and they do not ever charge the parents. There have been religious organizations that discourage members from joining the Masonic Order. Usually this is out of ignorance due to the secrecy of the Fraternity. The truth is, we are NOT a secret society, as everyone knows we exist. We are a society that has secrets. Nothing world changing. The secrets are regarding the 3 degrees one must undergo to become a Master Mason. Rituals that date back 100 s, and I mean 100 s of years. The earliest know recording of a Grand Lodge is dated in the 1500 s. I hope this helps answer some of your questions.

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  • 5 years ago

    If he was a Mason it would be known WELL known his Lodge would be talking all over about it . And some of the things i am hearing about Free Masons is so wrong , i am amazed some people can live with themselves if they were what people claim you all would be gone for speaking about them is such a bad light . Any Fraternity who has been around since GOD only knows could never lasted if they were evil , and fact they raise about 1 million dollars a day to charities with a base of only 4 million members world wide , what single other orgnization can say this .

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    I just saw him give a masonic handshake, while this is not evidence by itself, it it suggestive. Additional circumstantial evidence is his construction background, and I am certain his father was probably a member. He could certainly be a secret member. While being a mason is not bad in and of itself, because there are many sects, it is suggestive of a higher purpose. He along with some of his bigger supporters may all be involved in masonry, and have a positive goal for America, to wrest it back from the Skull and Bones/Illuminati Groups, as the enlightenment inspired founders had decreed should be the Order of things. Masonry is not against religion, it generally rebukes the joinder of religion with government, but actually they support organized religion because they well know it is the opiate of mass control (see Ben Franklin a mason and Hellfire member). Additionally, at the highest levels they understand that religion comes from their predecessors, from one source ie astronomy and astrology.... You have Jewish and Christian masonic sects, and they are also broken up by nation. For example the Columbian French Grand Orient Masonry was behind all the "Colombias" on this continent ie university, nation, Colombia broadcasting, etc... The York right, went from Old York to NEW YORK and build the twin towers representing the two pillars you find at every temple, at the entrance to the New World... On another note, if you look at the map of Washington DC from above you will find all masonic symbols embedded in the streets, with an upside down star with its tip right on top of the White House, and 13 blocks to the north you will find the 33rd degree temple. There are many other symbols, but now you should at least have a glimpse of who runs things. Anyway, religion is for slaves.

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    Don't dangle with free masonry. Its basically just like the illuminate. Did you know George Washington was a free mason? And MANY of the past presidents, and political people. Free Masonry's goal is to bring about a new world order. Did you know the pyramind on the dollar bill was put by a free mason aka Theodore Roosevelt. Free masonry goes against Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

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    In response to the previous person. People are scared of what they don't know. Thus people are scared of masons. Those that don't know and understand the Masons. There are two types of people here. Members and nonmembers. Those that are trusted and invited to join, know the secrets(which is that their really is no big secret) and those that are either un trustworthy and denied, those that don't meet the criteria, don't want to be or have not been asked for what ever reason. The later group is then scared or opposing the "secret group" for which they will never understand, be told anything or asked to join.

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    I grew up around Mason s, Eastern Star, was a Jobs Daughter, Rainbow girl, etc. My whole life, NEVER have I heard or seen anything negative against religion, or taking over the world. Look up the History of Free Mason, do your homework first, just don t listen to hear, say. Just sayin :)

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    6 years ago

    Ive read alot here and I say BS. Freemasons, most of which are cops, are responsible for the gang stalking and harrassment that has been going on under Obama for the past 7 years. Masons and Catholics are working together, and even intermarry. When you look at the voting score card, you can see that all of these groups, Christians, Catholics, Masons, Jews, all vote Democrat. Like one big circle jerk, and the public is the pivot man.

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