How do i know if my hard drive is bad?

i have a emachines running windows vista home. Every time i turn it on i get a black screen saying boot to fail channel 2 S.M.A.R.T capability disabled boot from cd and occasional i get the blue screen of death could this be the hard drive of something else after i get these screen i can't do nothing not a single thing i already tried hitting the f10 key and nothing. So anyone out there with experience could you lend me a hand

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  • 9 years ago
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    first of all, check in bios if your hdd is visible

    if it is, you can run a test (from bios) to see if there are any broken sectors on your hard drive

    -- if the test results are good, than reinstall windows(by formatting all the hdd first) and pay attention

    to what you install as software

    -if you furthermore have problems, it could be the memory or the cable that connects the hdd with the mainboard

    -hope it helps

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    You are generally right, though a bad drive may have problems loading certain code which is not loaded in safe mode. If the system freezes with the drive doing clicking sounds, it is the drive... Download and run HDTune (freeware version). It has a tab that shows the general "health" of the disk drive. If there are any red or yellow warnings, the drive may be starting to fail. If all health shows good, and your drive does not "click" when hung, then go to another repair shop... Most video lockups are due to drivers or add-on software like Adobe Flash, Bonjour, etc... This is especially true if everything runs in safe mode with no problems - it cannot be hardware if the video runs for hours in safe mode (well, not likley anyway...) If you have control panels for the video card (ATI or Nvidia), try uninstalling the control panels, but leave the drivers installed (just remove the control software). Update all video drivers anyway, to be sure. I had an issue recently where the control panel was causing the crash. (due to video card overclocking enabled, but not used)

  • 9 years ago

    Could be...Try safe mode(f8). Boot from command prompt. Run chkdsk.

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