Easyjet hand luggage?

When travelling with Easyjet what is the procedure for hand luggage? Do you have to put it through anything for it to be measured etc? I have a holdall and it meets the requirements I just want to make sure that I dont get collared at the boarding stage saying that the bag is too big.


Also can anyone suggest a bag to buy that will match the criteria i would rather pay £20 now for a bag than get stung for 40 each way on the trip. thanks.

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    Whenever I fly with Easyjet, the check in staff ask to look at my bag to check the size. As I use a regular handbag for hand luggage, it's never needed to be measured. However they do have a "cage" device that they will check the size of your bag with if they believe it to be too large. Providing your holdall meets the requirements I see no need for you buy a new bag. The cabin staff will be too busy loading you on to faff around measuring your bag, if it needs to be measured it will be check in who do it & you've said it meets requirements so it will be fine.

  • 10 years ago

    They will measure it - at the gate they usually make you put it in that stand near the check in counter to make sure it fits. If it's even 2mm too large they make you pay to check it in.

    My normal carry-on that works on most other airlines is too large for Easyjet or Ryanair -- I had to buy a cheap smaller bag for budget airlines

    Luckily Easyjet doesn't have weight limit on carry on like Ryanair does

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    easyJet allows: ONE BAG ONLY. one piece of hand luggage to maximum dimensions of 56x45x25cm

  • Dylan
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    10 years ago

    bring only one bag

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