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Why do you hate mexican immigrants?

what is it that you hate about them if they don't do nothing bad to this country? (i'm not talking about the bad ones though) why do racist americans say they take away their jobs when they Don't! I mean, are you ******* kidding me?! you're not willing to work in the fields or in cheap factories are you!!!!!!!!? & don't say they take advantage of your income taxes because they pay them too!!!! they pay for your asses because they never even get to take advantage of the programs they pay taxes for! why are you people so fuckn ignorant?? they should be legalize so that economy can Grow!! don't be stupid! All of you Americans NEED and depend upon immigrants' labor whether you accept it or not! they keep this economy Moving! ugh so why do you fuckn hate them?? p.s. just like african americans had their rights become recognized and legalized, so are mexian immigrants going to have them one day! haha stupid minutemen and racist americans!

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    I don't hate the illegal Mexican immigrant from the poor areas in Mexico who as a native american blood in them.

    I really hate the "legal" one who think they are better than others and control all the government offices and think they f* better than others.

    These Latinos scream racism while they are the most racist, even towards the poor Mexican immigrants.

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    No, handiest the unlawful ones, and I do not hate them, they only make me ill considering that they use our healthcare process and get social safety by way of stealing American Social Security numbers. Furthermore, the bulk do not wish to study English and grasping Americans cater to them by way of placing up indicators in spanish. Some dull men and women say that they do jobs that Americans may not do, however that is now not actual considering that WHO did them a majority of these years (it was once black and white Americans). I recognize plenty of households in my vicinity who rent unlawful mexicans to be their maids or gardeners, however I feel that's aweful. Americans must pay truly Americans the proper wages to begin with. However, my ex-female friend had a buddy from prep college who was once rather Mexican (castillian descent). She regarded European and now not some thing just like the unlawful mexicans that experience flooded the United States, who incidentally don't seem to be extra NATIVE AMERICAN than any folks and should not have the proper to United States land, they are now not even local american, they are combined with European blood and aztec blood. Last time I checked Cherokees were not the equal factor as Aztecs. I get so mad while I listen mexican immigrants pronouncing that that is their land. If someone merits to inherit the land that's now the US it might be truly Native Americans and now not unlawful mexican immigrants. And to the answerer beneath me, I am a university graduate who comes from an higher magnificence household and now not what you so callously consult with as a "white low existence", however I nonetheless do not feel that it's proper for unlawful immigrants to take operating magnificence american jobs.

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    Preach it! I think its funny that people complain about illegals stealing jobs but since when has working at mcdonalds been the american dream? I have to say though. There are plenty of people out there who aren't racist but they definitely generalize mexicans alot. I am a mexican and I am a senior at a university studying civil engineering. My wife and I are home builders and I work as a landscaper during the summer when i'm not in school. You should see how many people see me working landscaping and give me that dirty mexican look. I find it quite funny considering I probably have more money than 80 percent of them. I'm not trying to sound conceited but I can see how majority of the people judge me by the color of my skin.

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    I don't hate Mexicans. I've worked with several and I think they're generally great co-workers, neighbors and fellow Americans, whether they're here legally or not. On the other hand, I hear a lot of hatred of gringos coming from you, pendejo!!! Get over yourself.

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    Ok if we were really trying to grow the economy then would let in immigrants that have a college education and they would be making 60k a year compared to 20k a year. But we cant because our quotas are already full by people thinking its right of them to cut in line.

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    We don't mind the LEGAL ones who really want to be here, we don't like the ILLEGAL ones who don't learn English and pop out gang banger, welfare, system sucking leaches.

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    i'm with the first person - you have it all twisted and confused.

    no one "hates" anybody --- perhaps if Mexicans didn't come here ILLEGALLY there wouldn't be an issue.

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    i dont hate people by where they are from i hate them by how they treat me and my friends... so the answer is no

    Source(s): non biased opinions :)
  • I don't hate legal ones.

    Source(s): I admit I really don't like the accents though.... doesn't mean I hate you.... I'm against illegal immigration....
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    9 years ago

    I dont. Your question is stupid

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