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Child Endangerment Laws in WI?

is it ok to leave a 15 year old kid home alone for a couple days while my parents go to on vacation? cuz they say it would be illegal because of the child endangerment laws in WI? im pretty sure that law's only there to stop douchy stepdads or something. Is it ok?

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    Your parents are correct.}{

    What is Child Endangerment?

    Leaving children of a young age at home alone

    Common types of situations that might constitute child endangerment in some states include:

    leaving a child in a vehicle unattended

    abandonment of a child

    placing a child in danger by driving a vehicle while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs

    serving alcohol to a child

    leaving children of a young age at home alone

    inflicting excessive corporal punishment that causes harm to a child

    using or manufacturing drugs in the presence of a child

    All of these types of child endangerment are prohibited by law, depending on the circumstances and the law of the state where the incident occurred.

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    particular, it ought to be. something the place a toddler is ever unsupervised and ability for injury exists. i be attentive to in AZ and CA, toddler endangerment costs would be for purely taking your eyes off a toddler a 2d, even. Pool deaths would be Felonies on the portion of the father and mom. i be attentive to a guy whose son rolled off the mattress. He have been given 4 years for: "shaken toddler syndrome" (broken blood vessels in the attention commonly are wrong for this via forensics.) i think of the fees will stick. The political clime now could be: No "terrorists", no pediphiles, no rapists, and no C.E. They make for a great form of press.

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    What about allowing an acquaintance to bring real guns into the home and allowing a child to play with real guns and point the guns at the adult photographing the activity> Wisconsin current laws on child endangerment need to be much broader.

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