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What is a psych ward like?

So, my mum threatened to send me to a psych ward for cutting. I also have suicidal thoughts, unknown to her. So, I figured, if I am going to be sent to a psych ward, I want to know what it is like before I get there. So, what is a psych ward like? Any info helps, thanks.

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    It is mostly like the rest of the hospital, except they keep the doors locked.

    Since this is all out in the open with you and your mom, you might as well let her know how you are feeling, as well, and show her these sights, you can both look at them,

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    You do need professional help, and you should make some effort to find help that helps you , so you can get on with your future and a happy life.

    Work things out with your mom. Get the help you deserve.

    startstrongteens.org girlsinc.org doublesunrise.com loveisnotabuse.com teenrelationships.org

    dailystrength.org support groups

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    Its like a little prison except you get to interract with the people more. And i believe theres sheets on the bed. But usually they take everything from belts to razors to shoe laces away so you cant harm yourself. And you see a therapist. They pretty much watch you the whole time.

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    Jesus loves you and died to save you! Please don't cut yourself or injure yourself! You're too important and you were bought with a very high price!

    Love in Christ


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