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Chances at University of Wisconsin -Madison and these other schools?

what do you think my chances are of getting into these colleges? (im a junior btw)

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Loyola University Chicago, University of Iowa, University of Illinois Urbana, Purdue, and University of Michigan?

GPA: 3.74, chance to get a 3.81 by the end of the semester

ACT: 29, plan to take it to more times, will get 30+

SATII: Going to take Math I and Chemistry

AP course: taken 3 rigorous AP classes so far, and taken 3 honors classes, planning to take 4 AP classes next year.

EC's: When i lived in california, i was a member of key club, out here in illinois im in JSA (Debate, politics)

-I havent done a lot of community service but i plan to do a lot over summer, and join more clubs senior year.

I moved after sophmore year btw from california to illinois...

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  • Mary
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    You would definitely be accepted at Loyola, Iowa, and Purdue. If you want to get into engineering or business at U of I or Michigan, you are probably on the fence. I wouldn't go to Madison - Illinois and Michigan have stronger alumni bases in Chicago.

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  • ruh
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    3 years ago

    The Ohio State college!! once you're thinking those concepts, you additionally can persist with to OHIO college. A enterprise degree with emphasis in finance would be extra ideal from Ohio college. as nicely to having a fine looking degree, you get a outstanding college adventure. Ohio U provides a school environment now no longer provided in the path of the a number of college interior the U.S. stable fulfillment.

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